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Friday, 05 May 2017 13:33


BY Berlie G. Yap

Prayer is a lifestyle. We pray not because we ought to do it, we should though because we have a relationship with God, as our Father. To any relationship, for it to grow and to stay strong, communication is pretty and extremely indispensable. For example, why couple’s love usually grows cold—in the span of years and totally unlike to its first months of passion, is the absence of communication.

What steals such art to develop love are the other non-essential stuffs between the couple. Trivial as well because often these same stuffs are only secondary to the very person whom the other had dearly loved, and very much in the years past. Money, work, materialism and etc. are few of the culprits which can steal easily one’s attention, away from any strong and healthy relationship.

Relatively, when we do not spend quality time with God—in prayer, greater chances may happen that our hearts can grow cold, with regards to our personal commitment to Him. Jesus advised the backsliding believers in the book of Revelation to repent and return to their first love,lest judgement may come against them unexpectedly.

Prayer is a sweet communion. It involves though little discipline. After all, there are no any ordinary feats in the world where it does not include actual discipline. Albeit, when one has developed already frequency in prayer, such will become then to him a very lovely thing. When we pray, we come to the presence of the most powerful person in the entire universe, we get an audience before Him.

What includes in prayer are our earthly petitions. We seek favor to the almighty God. This is the most mind-boggling thing, God never says no to anyone who comes to Him. Although, he instead gives us a better answer, when the first petition, we asked to Him, is not beneficial thento us. All of us are shortsighted. We can never see to what is ahead of us, even much as five seconds from now.

But to God, all are bare and clear. Thus, He always knows to what is better for us. Prayer also involves faith and trust. So, when we come to the almighty, we most of the time close our eyes. We hope then that what we uttered to God’s presence will be answered by the Creator. We do not see God, but we feel His presence. God is both invisible and tangible.

We pray to an invisible Person. Faith and trust then are involved. God wants us to be fully dependent to Him. Relative to an infant, all of us ought to yield to Him. “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. And lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” (Prov. 3:5-6, NKJV)

We lose nothing if we pray. Notwithstanding, we gain much if we rely onto the Lord. Things which can be accomplished, even much as in a hundred years, may only be endeavored in minutes when God’s hand is with it! God created the entire universe short as only in 6 days. He also did just speak, He even did not labor except for the creation of man, where God climbed down then from His throne and dirtied His palms with mud.

Things have not changed; God’s works and principles remain to be the same. God is forever all-powerful. Nothing is impossible to Him. In prayer we become agents to God’s will. The Creator looks for instruments whom He can use to express His plans here on earth. Such happens in our daily communion with God.

God shares pieces of His eternal thoughts to every human being who spends time with Him. God’s idea stands to be always better than any man’s good ideas. God’s wisdom is relative to a sharp sword, which can cut any hard object. Thus, in prayer everything becomes possible. So, why hate to pray? Why be lazy to wake up earlier and spend quiet time with the Creator?

Years ago, I read a small pamphlet sharing about spending 7 minutes with God daily. The contents of that small reading material revolutionized my earlier faith in Christ. It helped motivate me rise every morning to pray. It said that it is appropriate to sing spiritual songs when you begin to pray.

Do not think that prayer is all about asking and getting things from God. Because the very truth is the other way around. God misses us every day. He expects us to get up and to seek Him first, so that we can develop our personal relationship with Him. Do it, maintain it, and love it every day. Then you can see greater changes to take place in your life.

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