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Friday, 05 May 2017 13:40



Regina, Sask, Ca. — By unanimous recognition, Lawyer Vicente R. Solis would seem to be the dream candidate for a seat in the Constitutional Convention, if this is the path the administration will take to amend or repeal the Cory Constitution. A free-thinker with enough native-son appeal, Atty. Solis can generate logical and legal issues in helping put together a federal system of government that may be state or regional-centered. Throw in intelligence, a good sense of humor, a catholic education and a degree of Tom Cruise charm and you will see why mature voters, including politicians well-versed with his impeccable knowledge and practice of law and, well, music, are excited about his personality.

Put aside the question of electability, because for the bigger part of any election, money is the main and only factor that carries one to victory. Yes, he was defeated once in a local election overwhelmed by the money force. But the Con-Con would be a different fight that will entail from candidates, or nominees, knowledge of parliamentary-federal practices in other countries like the United States, United Kingdom and France. If a new system is to be adhered, economic provisions, trade concerns, tax points that may be revolutionary will have to be debated thoroughly by great minds. And Vic was once a upon a time the best debater amongst Ateneans from Aparri to Tawi-Tawi.

Leaning towards socialism with dictatorial tendencies, El Presidente may well propose certain tax policies such as increasing the capital gains tax and ending corporate welfare. Taxation was one of Vic’s high marks in the bar examination that he topped. NÚMERO UNO.

Changing the system of a country’s government is not an easy endeavor as that may drive the conservatives and some liberals to a mood of revolution. An untested federal form of government would have to be for the long run which may commence during the fourth year of El Presidente’s six-year term - if he steps down, that is. I doubt the knowledge and understanding that our legislators have about federalism.

This is not to say, though, that the people cannot live and change with a new system of government. Speaker Alvarez’s bright ideas of organization and strategy on how to get the winds of change blowing the LDP’s way is a testament of his political talent. Even those from the minority parties butterflied to the LDP, including our very own and pride, Celso L. Lobregat.

If the mode of changing the constitution is by Con-Con, Vic has plenty of time to campaign. If the mode is by appointment, as were the 50 commissioners that crafted the 1987 constitution, then Vic shall not be it, but a Lobregat nominee. But he has ample time to seal a deal with some of El Presidente’s men in the cabinet.

Vic has the personal qualities to go with his sterling qualifications, foremost of which is honesty and integrity. Add forthrightness and humility, legal toughness and the ability to persuade in his resume. He is the man.