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Tuesday, 09 May 2017 11:07


Regina, Sask, Ca. — “The Philippines must be half empty as you’re all here running the NHS.” This is one of the 47 best Lines and gaffes made by Prince Philip on meeting a Filipino nurse at a Luton hospital in February 2013. What do you think would happen if the Philippines were Mexico?

As reported, Mr. Celso L. Lobregat is remarkably confident of snatching the local PDP-Laban leadership from former Councilor Mel Sadain after his impressive presentation of prospective party members to House Speaker Alvarez last April 19. Dangling an opinion, not a court ruling, issued by one-time local government Secretary Ronnie Puno, “Mr. Blockbuster” said that there’s no legal impediment if barangay officials choose to join political parties. Those 800 or so village spartans are definitely not going for the incumbent mayor in 2019. Someone from City Hall should contest the Puno opinion in the Supreme Court, and if found to be in the contrary, those who took their oath of membership to the LDP should be removed from office, the act being a violation of the Constitution.

With still two years left before the next campaign, granting that elections will be held in 2019, someone has to stop the Celso iron horse from crushing the fragmented Liberal Party.

From where I’m situated, Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar doesn’t seem worried about obvious political events now unfolding in a city whose leaders are fighting for “new votes” and migrants from other provinces. Last February, after one of the mayor’s old-fashioned press briefings, I overheard one of her boys saying that the mayor doesn’t believe in deals and backroom tradings to boost her political base. “It’s really up to the people and their judgement to determine who their leader should be based on performance,” he quipped.

Absolutely. One thing’s going for Madam Beng: she has adamantly refused to abandon a sinking LP, unlike most politicians who have renounced their political beginnings to the super-majority party for selfish ends. She has refused to flirt with the powers-that-be, for doing the  undesirable would mean betraying the party of her uncle, her father, Don Pablo Lorenzo and hers. Former Mayor Vinnie Atilano will attest to that.

NEW ZAMBOANGA RISING is her emphatic quest for economic prosperity. Her aggressive infrastructure projects will bring the kind of progress that will blow your mind, including employment. Still, there’s this monkey to tackle: federalism. Is it the right way to go? We all know that the proposition to change the system of government via a new constitution is a “vendu” - a sell out. Federalism, as is the war on drugs and fight against corruption, is one of El Presidente’s election promises. These three political promises have attracted considerable support, particularly among millennials. But it is time to have public debates on federalism. What is this mammal? It is grimly ironic that few congressmen and senators are well-versed about federalism. Even fewer are those who have expressed commitment to amending the present system of government. The PDP is looking to reshape the political environment of a country searching for continuing economic growth, more stable jobs, reduced traffic webs and leaders who can defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Chinese? After they swore allegiance to the Constitution, they embraced the Bureau of Customs instead of Filipino customs.

We have yet to listen to both Madam Beng and Sir Celso talk about the downtrodden, the dispossessed, the minorities. They will always be part of Zamboanga. They are growing in numbers. One day, when the baby boomers shall be older and grey, they will take over government, this system or the next. While both of them remain in-step with the political mainstream, they have to redirect their targets toward “enclosed socialism” as that is where the country is headed for.

When federalism is formally introduced this summer by the cantankerous proponents in the House, the classic long and heated debates will begin.

People of the Philippines vs. PDP-Laban.

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