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Sunday, 14 May 2017 14:43



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… From the sole of your foot to the top of your head there is no soundness—only wounds and welts and open sores, not cleansed or bandaged or soothed with olive oil…” (Isaiah 1:6, the Holy Bible).


PHILHEALTH DENIES IT IS BANKRUPT: Did you know that Philhealth (or the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation) paid some P101 billion in benefit expenses in 2016, up by two percent from the P99 billion it paid in 2015? And did you know also that it has reserve funds of P107.2 billion as of December 2016?

I came to know of these and a host of other valuable information from Philhealth,  through a letter of Dr. Israel Francis A. Pargas, its vice president for corporate affairs group. Pargas sent the letter to me in reaction to an item in this column that came our on April 16, 2017. Let me reproduce significant parts of that letter here. Please read:

“Dear Atty. Mauricio: This is in response to your column entitled “Bankruptcy problem for new PhilHealth chief?” which came out… on April 16, 2017. Allow us to address the key points raised in the news item.


“PHILHEALTH FUND IS STABLE, NO EVIDENCE OF INSOLVENCY”: “(You wrote): `PhilHealth is an agency possessed with so many problems, notable among which is its evident lack of sufficient money to pay for the medical and other health requirements of its members – arising from inexplicable bankruptcy’.

“We would like to apprise you that… PhilHealth has reserve funds of P 107.2 billion as of December 2016. The national government has also provided the Corporation P 47.7 billion from the proceeds of the sin taxes to cover for the health insurance coverage of its indigent and senior citizen members.

“It also fulfills its fiduciary responsibility, providing effective stewardship, funds management and maintenance of its reserves. Hence, PhilHealth’s fund is stable and there is no solid basis for insolvency.


NON-PAYMENT OF CLAIMS FOR HOSPITALIZATION OF LESS THAN FOUR DAYS IS AN APPROVED POLICY: “Also, PhilHealth paid more than P 101 billion in benefit expenses last year,   up by 2% from the P99billion it paid in 2015. It is also paying an average of P 2 billion per week for the benefits of its members since January of 2016.

“ (You wrote): `My mother who was confined for moderate pneumonia could no longer avail of PhilHealth deductions from her medical hospital bills if she was not confined for at least 4 days in the hospital.’

“This is to inform you that the requirement for the minimum length of stay was based on clinical practice guidelines (CPG) and previous consultations with medical societies… We hope that this will merit equal space in your column in the interest of fairness and balanced reporting. Thank you.”


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