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Friday, 29 October 2010 14:30

Roy Ramos
Daily Zamboanga Times
Zamboanga City

Dear Sir Roy,

This is a note of reaction in defense of all artists. Strictly non-partisan, just equal opportunity observation on an article written by Ms. Sheila Covarrubias published in DZT last Oct. 22, 2010.

WORDS. Solely for this matter that all words have sanctity, therefore inviolable. I may not be totally correct here but this premise is only for the purpose. Only to undo the word, according to what has been done to the word "ARTIST". So, let's start the undoing.

For four days now I couldn't be mentally extricated after encountering Covarrubias' article on a very delicate word against "artist" as coined by Jimmy Cabato (El Cañonaso) in contrast to its true definition. "Anticipated Response to an Irritating Snake-like Twister" is clever one but not enough. The councilor likens not "like" because snake-like is considered one word and he disregarded 'an too. ARTAIS-LT or ARTAIST is the correct acronym. Now everyone can see, barely readable, without sense, vague or simply ARTLESS (toothless). Well, Covarrubias' article has unintentionally caught even our own Mayor off-guard. She's a qualified satirist, but not tactful enough, that is, an extreme one, of the very lowest in communication practice that threatens our very own (damaged) culture and extending further her damaging article to the realm of the firmament --- that is to all artists in general sense. Artists to me are visionaries. Let me unravel more, undoing the Councilor's symbolic act of desecrating the word.

A short definition of terms from Uncle Webster.

Artist: arse in Latin, means to put together. Politician: Polite in Greek meaning citizen. "El que quere decir... Latin, a much older language than the Greek were already ruling and conquering the world, while the latter were still babbling. Greeks are very famous in rhetorics. Politicians were not yet born, they were still odd-balls and not canonballs yet. Long before them it's the artists who were giving direction, putting together!! Artists are older brothers to prophets, younger cousins to poets and first among equals to servants!!.    "Who is your artist?, as the saying goes, "and I'll tell you who you are!"

Undoing is finished -- lest overdoing it too.

Hoping I did not offend anyone. Frankly, I hate to defend myself 'coz only my Creator from above can defend me.

To our good Mayor and Hon. Councilors, more power! (That comes with responsibilities especially to the little ones -- your local artists.)

Yours truly, Isidro Floreta