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Wednesday, 17 August 2011 13:24

I watched on TV the hazing that was done to the new recruits of the PNP, and frankly those recruits were at the mercy of the police assigned to do the training. It was done cruelly. I dare say this inhumane practice should stop.

We’re not new to this. Even fraternities do it to new members. I think one reason why students, especially males, join fraternities …..is because it gives them a macho image, they think it’s ego boosting, when they join. One thing is sure one of the rules they have to follow is not to reveal what ordeals they have undergone during the initiation no matter what happens. This is what they call a brotherhood amongst them.

Two of my sons became members of a certain fraternity during their college days. My two sons weren’t spared from hazing. They’re now professionals, but I can’t stop recalling how I discovered what their senior members have done to them. It was a semestral break so our sons came with us to Margosatubig for a two-day vacation. I happened to have glanced on a bluish fresh wound on one of my sons’ leg. I asked him how he got it and he answered he got it from a motorcycle accident. This is the reason why I told my husband to sell our motorcycle, before one of our sons will meet a serious accident.

One day I heard my family talking, and they were mentioning our youngest son’s name. My husband said to try and see what’s wrong with our youngest son. I knew that a day before that, he got lost the whole day. He came home with a friend who just dropped him by. I approached my son and asked him what was wrong. He said he had wounds and it smelled bad. I thought it was just a small wound, but my God, he had big bluish fresh wounds on his lap, and on his buttocks. I almost fainted and cried. I immediately told his dad to take him to the hospital right away for treatment He didn’t only have infected wounds but also belt lashes on his back. We spent more than four thousand pesos for his treatment

Yes, as an angry parent, I called the college Administrator and I was told to talk to the disciplinarian of the school, but we were not able to do anything because our son wouldn’t talk. How can you report to the authorities, if the victims themselves wouldn’t talk? I only hope this fraternity and all others have stopped this hazing practice. Just imagine the anguish of parents. However, one consolation I got from this fraternity was that, they donated blood for me when I got sick of dengue in the past. My platelets were getting low, so the attending doctor advised my family to look for type A blood. Luckily three of the members were generous to donate their blood to me. I did thank them later through my sons.

For those who are concerned. Please stop this practice. Hazing is not fit for human and other living things! This is a painful ordeal that no one deserves. -BETTY ELAGO