Friends or foes of Islam? PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 May 2017 11:26

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

Until my last breath I do not think I will ever understand what would make anyone carry out an act like what happened at the concert in Manchester, England.

As I write this not all the facts have come out in the media where most of us simply get our information. A lone person, said to be a British native but whose name identifies his lineage, carried out the action that resulted in 22 deaths and injuries to some 59 other persons at this time. Many of those injured were youth/children age 16 and younger. The motive of the attacker has not been established but ISIS has claimed  responsibility for the attack.

What “virus” has infected mankind that there are now groups among us that will publicly claim responsibility for something as dastardly as this latest incident in Manchester? Has man become so calloused that a multiple-victim murder incident is claimed with pride and publicity?  After the Twin Towers incident in NYC, the Madrid train station blasts, the two horrific incidents in France and now this Manchester concert carnage – what comes next?

All the incidents cited above have been claimed by a group or groups who say they are dedicated to the promotion of the spread of  Islam or the establishment of a worldwide caliphate. The intention is not too difficult to accept. But how are these groups carrying out the fulfillment of their goals?

When these violent incidents take place the perpetrators are either a lone actor or a small group… although later it is established that the perpetrators belong to a much larger group like ISIS or the Taliban  or a similar group with its own agenda. Sadly the bigger group, usually a maverick within the bigger world of Islam, tarnishes the 1.6 billion Muslims who only try to live their lives within the teachings of Islam and with no intentions of harming other believers in the one true god.

Psychological profiles have been drawn   by psychologists and social scientists  of people who are drawn to the agenda of ISIS and similar groups. Usually they are young, drawn to nihilism, and carrying the psychological  burden of believing that their cultural/religious group has been victimized over the years by “others”. They now take it upon themselves to right the wrong received from the “others”. And this is done through becoming suicide bombers or joining the  army of terrorists around the world, targeting the societies that have been the cause of suffering of their people or are espousing values contrary to what Islam teaches.

On the surface it might appear that these “soldiers” of ISIS form the vanguard for Islam. But a more careful  look and we realize that their actions are contrary to the core message of peace in Islam.