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Wednesday, 31 May 2017 11:54



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Train the child in the way that he should go, and he will never depart from it even when he grows old…” (Proverbs 22:6, the Holy Bible).


CONGRESSMEN’S HELP TO EDUCATE FILIPINO KIDS: BUY CHALK! As school year 2017-2018 scrambles towards its formal opening come first week of June 2017, the usually-pathetic gestures of our lawmakers to portray themselves as champions of education for Filipino children are surfacing to the fore once again, starting off with their feeble, if funny, attempt to allegedly increase the allowances of public school teachers, to enable them to buy chalk.

Yes, you read it right, folks: congressmen are wanting to help our teachers buy chalk! Truly, with these gestures, it is clear that the creativity of our lawmakers and education officials seem to have gone the depths one more time. Imagine, the best they could do to help hapless young children across the nation attain education is to enable their teachers to buy chalk!

It would have been alright if this supposed allowance to buy chalk had been made available to teachers already, at least before the opening of schools first week next month. Unfortunately, however, our honorable lawmakers from the Lower House of Congress have not even acted yet to pass the law that would authorize the release of this chalk allowance even at this late time!


RP EDUCATION PROGRAM: “ALL AIR, NO FORCE”:  Sadly, this typifies the overall attitude of many men and women in government who have been tasked to see to it that Filipino children get properly educated so they can aspire for a better future.

Indeed, it is unfortunate that Department of Education officials, and many others in government like our congressmen and senators, are very much like the derided “air force” unit of a military organization long gone—there is only “air”, no “force” whatsoever, in that unit.

This is why I always feel happy knowing that someone, somehow, somewhere, in his or her own small way, is doing something truly concrete, to enable poor but deserving students to study, by becoming full scholars even without any single centavo coming from the government.


ROSS TAYAG: TRUE CHAMPION OF FILIPINO KID EDUCATION: I refer to what Paniqui, Tarlac Vice Mayor Ross Tayag is doing among his constituents. Paniqui is a stronghold of the Cojuangco Family, and is home to the famous YC Compound, “YC” being “Ysidra Cojuangco”, the fabled Cojuangco matriarch who is widely believed, even now, to hold the key to the fabulous Cojuangco wealth and riches that have subsisted through the years.

Tayag, who is in his first term as vice mayor of the town, has launched a scholarship program for college, high school, and K11 to K12 students. In an announcement he posted in his Facebook account, Tayag noted that his program would provide free tuition and other matriculation fees to deserving students.

This program also has the support of the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, and of the Duterte government. Tayag said he also managed to convince viable companies to give employment to graduates of high school, vocational, and college courses. Any interested person can see him or his staff at his office located at the back of the Municipal Hall of Paniqui, Tarlac, during office hours. Mabuhay, Ross Tayag!


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