Our commitments are no deadweights PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 June 2017 13:54



WE have to be clear about this point, so indispensable in our life since one way or another we always enter into some commitments. Our commitments, whether they be with respect to marriage or to some other vocational vows and lifelong promises, are no oppressive burdens but rather earnest manifestations of one’s pure love.

They certainly have a weight to be borne, but they actually are wings that would enable us fly high in our love for God and ohers.

To be sure, we are enabled to fulfill them since in the first place we have a spiritual nature that can transcend the limitations and changes of our situations and circumstances in life.

And even before that, we are assured of God’s grace that is always available in abundance, so that our potency to be faithful in our commitments can be actualized. Toward this end, we have all the means to be true to them—doctrine, prayer, sacraments, spirit of sacrifice, testimonies and examples of many who have been faithful and generous to their commitments all the way to their death.

We should not be afraid to enter into commitments. But we should have the proper dispositions. We need to trust in God’s providence, strengthen our faith, hope and charity, develop a sporting spirit in life, avoiding worrying too much when we encounter certain difficulties or suffer some setbacks in trying to live by our commitments.

If we are humble and simple, and react to these difficulties and trials with faith, everything would just be fine. Even the negative things that can come our way would be rich sources of precious lessons and powerful magnets for God’s grace to come to us.

Simplicity and humility are very important virtues so that we can get to see things very objectively and completely. Their opposites distort things and, worse, in very convincing ways. These virtues facilitate our seeing things the way God sees them. They facilitate the workings of faith, hope and charity to take place.

It’s important also that we regularly renew our commitments. Human as we are, we always tend to take things for granted, to fall into complacency, and eventually to forget things. Worse, we can start justifying our infidelities.

The renewals of our commitments should be accompanied with a fresh desire to be more generous in fulfilling them. Commitments as expressions of love need to grow and grow. They cannot be in a standstill, for that would be the beginning of a retrogression and eventual violation.

We have to find ways for this greater generosity to our commitment to take place. In this regard, we have to be creative and versatile, always monitoring the new developments and the changing circumstances so we can engage our spirit of commitment to them properly.

That’s why we need to be flexible and sporty in our attitude toward our commitment, something that can always be done due to God’s grace and our spiritual nature. That flexibility will clearly spur and indicate our growth in our love and commitment.

In other words, we should have a very positive, go-go attitude towards all commitments we enter into. We should not get stranded by the difficulties and possible setbacks. We should just continue to move on.