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Tuesday, 06 June 2017 14:24



San Jose, CA. — If El Presidente isn’t bluffing this time, the Maute Group, its financiers and political backers will fall in a few days. I’ve heard this line of forceful and resolute talk 12 months ago, but the forces of evil — drug lords, gambling moguls, terrorists and sex den operators are still very much alive and on the loose. With violent crimes all over the country on the upswing, even with El Presidente’s fearful, tyrannous character, it looks like the “bad hombres” don’t fear him at all!

Obviously, there wasn’t police presence in Marawi. That’s why part of its city fell in the hands of terrorists — and that violent attack has become the epicenter of the Mindanao crisis, as was Zamboanga in 2013, that led to the declaration of a state of martial law. Up until yesterday, the terrorists have managed to hold off advancing soldiers and policemen, even as Air Force fighter planes and helicopters have unloaded hundreds of pounds of bombs and machine gun fire against the enemy.

The “battle” in Marawi won’t stop until the terrorists are either dead or have surrendered. By retaking Marawi from the marauders, El Presidente is assured of Region’s 10 survival from further violent offensives or atrocities by any rebel or terrorist faction.  At least for now.

Taking back part of Marawi will not end the “war” in Mindanao. The rebels will continue fighting in areas where they operate and in the cities and municipalities that they want to “liberate” — lands that they claim to be their homeland or Morolandia.

Whatever El Presidente decides to do after government forces restore peace in Marawi with martial law in effect will define his policies, though unclear, in Mindanao — politically and economically. Pending the arrest of the unnamed drug lords and politicians allegedly financing the Maute Group, the presidential communications office is left to nothing but denunciation, a tool the spokesmen use whenever they’re lost for descriptive analyses of complex situations.

The “battle” in Marawi may be over even before this article sees print, but the regional chaos the conflict created will linger on. In the back of the cruel minds of the terrorists is a message: “We’ll be back!”

And now, climate change.

In 2015, U.S. President Barack Obama took the lead in climate change, but said he needed the world to follow. Scientists called it a “superwicked problem.”  Bryan Walsh of TIME said poverty is a wicked problem, so is terrorism. “But those fail in comparison to what’s happening to our planet.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) projected in 2015 that by 2030, power plant emissions will be 32 % lower than they were in 2005 if Obama’s plan was followed.

“The reality of Obama’s plan is significantly more wicked,” Walsh wrote. “Obama is trying to achieve by regulation what he was unable to do by legislation, after a comprehensive climate bill fail in congress during his first term. The final result is inevitably messy, a complex compromise that tries to give the power industry time to clean up while still being tough enough to help the U.S. cut its total carbon dioxide emissions 17% below 2005 levels by 2020.

The problem is this — and it has surfaced last week, as Pres. Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris treaty on climate change along with Syria and Nicaragua. Walsh adds: “Meeting the goal would be tough enough without political opposition, but the clean power plan will face major legal challenges from industry and from states with coal-dependent economies like Kentucky and West Virginia. While the EPA has the power to impose carbon-cutting plans on states that refuse to enact their own that, too, could lead to a long and tangled legal fight. And if a Republican President is elected in 2016, he or she would be in a position to simply stop enforcing Obama’s climate regulations — and judging from the outraged reactions of the current state of GOP candidates to the EPA rules, that’s not a far-fetched possibility.”

Bingo! That’s exactly what happened last November and last week when Mr. Trump rejected the Paris treaty. Remember, too, how Obamacare was shot down by the House of Representatives with a Paul Ryan-sponsored Trumpcare. The U.S. senate bulldozer is coming.