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Saturday, 10 June 2017 14:11



SINCE we have been created in the image and likeness of God and made children of his, meant to participate in his divine life, we need to see to it that that we know how to relate ourselves to God, reflecting his life in ours, he who is one God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We have to know how to deal with each of the three persons of the Blessed Trinity, for that would shape our life properly, starting with our thoughts and desires, then our words and deeds.

For this to take place, we have know the basic truth about the most supernatural mystery of the Blessed Trinity that has been revealed to us by Christ and now authoritatively taught by the Church.

We are told that the three persons are one God in an eternal relation among themselves due to the eternal knowing and loving that drives the very being of God. The Father cannot be without the Son and the Holy Spirit. The same with the Son and the Holy Spirit—they cannot be without the other persons.

Trying to fathom this mystery will obviously be overwhelming, but let’s hope that the unfathomability of this mystery draws us closer to it rather than drives us away from it. We should try to move on with our life always being in awe with this mystery.

Let’s make this mystery the abiding impetus to our endless knowing and loving in this world. This is what is proper to us, since we are the image and likeness of God. We should rise above our own way of knowing and loving. It’s the mystery of the Blessed Trinity that shows us how to know and love.

Like the Father, we should be full of goodness, doing things with total gratuity. Like the Son, we should try to do good perfectly in the truth, providing with the best pattern of the things we do, including the way of restoring them in case they get damaged.

Like the Holy Spirit, we should persevere in doing good all the way to the end, sanctifying everything that we touch.

There can be many other considerations we can derive from considering the mystery of the Blessed Trinity. We have to spend time meditating on it, always asking for God’s grace so we can beenlightened and enabled to pursue what we can realize.

The common problem we see these days is that many people do not even know what this Blessed Trinity is all about, why the Trinity is important and relevant to us. And even with those who in theory know about the Trinity and his importance, there is a lot of ignorance, confusion and awkwardness with respect to how to deal with each person of the Trinity.

More specifically, many of us do not know how distinguishing our relation with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit would make a difference in our life. Many would just be contented with dealing with God in a generic way without going through the complicating act of distinguishing each of the three persons.

We need to realize more deeply that by dealing with each person of the Blessed Trinity, we would have a more complete understanding of how our life ought to be. So far, what we can say is that our Christian life in general has been amateurish and sophomoric at best, and a total disaster at its worst.

It’s about time we do something more serious in being thoroughly consistent in our Christian life. And the mystery of the Blessed Trinity provides us with the beginning and end of it.