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Thursday, 18 August 2011 12:40

Are we living in a wonderful world?

To me, it’s no. I want to think in a positive way, but everything happening in our surroundings is wayward and reverse. The only wonderful occurrence in my life is living with my husband quietly in spite of our sickness, and problems that come our way once in a while, and communicating with our family, our children and our grandchildren through the computer, which is the most high-tech invention of science that is very useful to mankind these days!

When we talk of peace, can we really achieve the real sense of the word peace, when all the time, there are still rogues and bandits that roam in our midst, kidnappings and killings are still rampant. Yes, peace talks are ongoing between government and leaders of rebel groups, but how can they meet or agree halfway, when we know there are still splintered groups, rebelling from the mainstream of the MILF, and once in a while, a firefight happens between these rebel groups and the military.

People aren’t only afraid of the Abu Sayyaf bandits but also men in uniform who are supposed to protect us from criminals, although we aren’t generalizing that all men in uniform are bad, but there are a number of them who are involved in criminal acts, which are appearing on news.  It’s so disgusting to hear negative news about them. Some of them have become peace breakers, instead of peace enforcers!

Adding to these negative impressions of mine, it’s not wise to put bright people up there in Malacanang like the former President Gloria Arroyo and her betterhalf, who are both allegedly involved in anomalies during her past administration. The truth is, I voted for her, and now, I feel embarrassed for voting for her in the past.

I can still go on, but I guess my BP is rising, so can you blame me if I say we are not living in a wonderful world? Even artists are becoming evil in expressing their works of art. Why did I say it? Even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has not been spared. His image has been desecrated by an evil artist, and is being exhibited at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. What has the World become today? Can you convince me and say ‘we are living in a wonderful world? --BETTY ELAGO