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Tuesday, 04 July 2017 12:12



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything…” (Genesis 9:3, the Holy Bible).


WHY IS FDA SINGLING OUT AN EYE DROP PRODUCT? I find it both funny and irritating that the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of the Philippines deemed it necessary to issue a media advisory against an eye drop product, saying that the eye drop product should not be bought or patronized because it is not registered with it yet.

This media advisory to me is funny because there are many products registered with the FDA that are not truly beneficial to their buyers anyway, and do not measure up to the claims that are printed on their labels or that are advertised by their makers in media. So why discriminate against the eye drop product, if it can really heal eye sores or ailments?

Then, the media advisory is also irritating because there are many products being sold almost everywhere in the Philippines either as food, food supplement, or as medicine, that pose more danger to the health and well-being of Filipinos, like processed foods, or cancer-causing alcoholic beverages or diabetes-inducing drinks, which the FDA do not mind at all. Why the especial rant against the eye drop product?


FOOD SUPPLEMENTS CAUSING KIDNEY PROBLEMS AMONG FILIPINOS? I am raising this concern because a lady doctor who treats her famous patients at various hospitals in Metro Manila told me that there are now increasing incidents of kidney problems among Filipinos across the country that is seen by medical practitioners as having been caused by unbridled intake of food supplements.

The lady doctor said food supplements, especially those taken as capsules or tablets or as powdered products, are causing a strain on kidneys of those who consume them because there are appears to be ingredients of those food supplements that are not digested properly.

She told me that this is the reason why more and more Filipinos are undergoing dialysis treatments, on account of their damaged kidneys. The lady doctor did not say it, of course, but the implication of all these is that some government agencies may have been remiss in their duty to safeguard the health of our countrymen with respect to food products or supplements.


FDA IS INUTILE TO PURSUE ITS WORK? Come to think of it, can the DFA really discharge the duties and responsibilities that have been entrusted to it by Republic Act 9711, otherwise known as the “Food and Drug Administration Act of 2009”?

I doubt it very much and I am just talking here about two of its bounden duties—that of testing food and health products, and restraining the distribution of products that have not undergone testing. Simply by the magnitude of the tasks assigned to it, I am convinced that the FDA is an inutile agency, incapable of performing its obligations.

The fact is that the FDA does not appear to have the capability to go around the country to conduct food and drugs or health products tests. I am certain that FDA does not even have provincial offices at present to monitor, much less to stop the distribution of dangerous, food and drug products in each and every province of the country. This is such a pity—not for FDA, but for Filipinos!


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