How has the year gone for our country? PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 13 July 2017 11:28

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

Donald Trump with his tweets and PRRD with his “typical” language have something in common. Their admirers of course lap these up but many more sober citizens in  the US and in the Philippines just shake their heads and wonder where presidential behavior is going?

Communications technology have made the Trump/Duterte style possible but one can’t help asking if the dignity of presidential communication style should take a back seat to the preferred style of those who land in the office of the president.

PRRD is the president and a rather popular one after a year in office,  if we go by survey results. I agree that his use of language shouldn’t  be a key variable that we should look at when we evaluate his performance as president in the last 12 months. There are other variables to look at.

His key concern since he took office has been the drug problem in the country. The members of the DDS  (Duterte Devoted Supporters)  give him a gold star in this. If we go by the number of people killed in the fight against illegal drugs in the Philippines, which some have put  around 7,000, then we can say this is worth thinking about. But is the number of people killed a valid measure for the success of the drug war?

PRRD has been quoted as saying that he will kill those who kill his country. Here his language style is yet again operative. The media very often reports how many were killed in this drive by shooting or how this man resting in his own house was shot at by riding-in-tandem killers. A doctor-to-the-barrios was killed in such a manner. Barangay officials have been killed in the same manner. Has the language style of PRRD inspired the killing spree we now know about in the Philippine media?    Has this administration spawned a distinctive Philippine style of getting rid of people one doesn’t like?

PRRD has vowed to clean up our government but I can’t help but wonder  (again!)

If  he is going about this in the most effective way. The killing of Abuera Mayor Espinosa and the charge against Marvin Marcos and company  is an example. PRRD’s Sec. of Justice has compounded the problem and how justice operates in our country is now a big question mark.  And why are there so many retired from the military sector appointed to civilian positions? I could go on but all it will serve – as far as the DDS is concerned - is to show that I am not a member of the DDS.

BUT, are we all obliged to belong to the large section of the public that enthusiastically approves of PRRD and the way he is handling the problems of the country?  Let us remember that during this one year prices of food have gone up, the NPA problem has taken a bad turn, the Marawi attack is still going on, a number in his official family  have been involved in questionable actions, etc.