New amid the old, fresh amid the stale PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 July 2017 13:48



WE have to find a way to be able to see the new amid the old things, the fresh amid the stale. It’s a matter of attitude, of a state of mind to be able to do this.

If our attitude and thinking is mainly dominated by what our senses only can discern, then it will not be long before we fall into boredom and dryness in the things that we seem to be doing everyday.

Even if our attitude and thinking is led by some comprehensive philosophies or ideologies and heavily propped up by the sophisticated modern sciences, technologies and the arts, it will not still be long before we fall into the same fate of boredom and dryness.

These principles and motives can only go so far. They cannot last long. They cannot bear doing the same things over and over again everyday, because they cannot see further than what is on hand at the moment, or even what is simply of worldly value. They are highly perishable items, with very short prescription period and brief effectiveness.

It’s the grace of God that does it. It’s when we are driven with love for God and for others that we can manage to escape the grip of routine and drudgery that can easily come to us if we happen to be doing the same things everyday. And for most of us, we happen to be doing the same things everyday. It’s God’s grace and love that can transcend the limitations of any earthly interest.

With God’s grace, with love for God and for others, nothing actually will be the same even if materially, physically, socially, etc., things appear to be the same. It’s God’s grace, it’s love for God and for others that will make things new and fresh always.

That is why many saints and holy men and women through the ages have always behaved in awe even if they appear to be doing the same things everyday. They may even be confined to some convents or monasteries, and yet are fully alive and driven. Some of them even have extraordinary experiences, like having ecstasies and levitations.

When we are with God’s grace and driven by love for him and for others, we can experience what is said in the Book of Revelation, “Behold, I am making all things new.” (21,5) Somehow we can see how the rock can be turned into a pool, the flint into a fountain of water. ( cfr. Ps 114,8)

We have to do everything to be vitally engaged with God, always asking for his grace and developing our love in accordance to God’s love. That is when we can transcend but not contradict the laws of nature and be swept away by the spiritual laws of God’s grace and love.

For this to happen, we need to pray, to cultivate a recollected and contemplative lifestyle even as we are immersed in the things of the world. We need to discipline our bodily and human powers so they don’t hinder but rather facilitate the way of God who makes all things new.