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Friday, 28 July 2017 12:11



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Train the child in the way that he should go, and he will never depart from it if he grows old…” (Proverbs 22:6, the Holy Bible).


ST. JUDE STUDENTS DOMINATE INTERNATIONAL CONTEST: Here’s a refreshingly good and blessed news, featuring the St. Jude Catholic School and its students called Judenites, after they came out as champions with their domination of the recently concluded Asia Math and Engineering Challenge in Singapore. My brother, lawyer Leny Mauricio, shared this in his Facebook account, from an earlier post by St. Jude.

Let’s read the post, and be edified by the thought that, somehow, in the middle of children and kids across the nation who have become wayward and rebellious, there are still Filipino children who can be “the hope of the fatherland” with their dedication to math and engineering, as Dr. Jose P. Rizal once intoned.

The post: “Judenites once again displayed excellence as they bagged several awards in the ASIA MATH and ENGINEERING CHALLENGE held in Singapore last June 6-10, 2017. In the Senior Category, Erin Sophia Mauricio (7A), Jade Lianne Santos (7A), and Zoe Angeli Uy (6B) won Gold in Robot Programming Contest and Project Presentation Competition.


ST. JUDE SINGING STUDENTS CROWNED BEST PERFORMERS: “Jasmine Mei Santos (10A), Miguel Sebastian Borbe (7C), Wynette Kristi Chua (6B), Mikhail Stefan Borbe, and Kaitlynne Maree Chua won Silver (in the same contest category).

“In the Junior Category’s Project Presentation, Eiress Bassey Ong (6D), Jasmine Eve Ong (6E), and Jian Kyle Santos (5B) were Gold medalists while Alexandra Brianne Gochia (6C), Dominique Kiersten Lim (6B), Aaron Matthew Tan (5D), Ayisha Madeleine Ong (6A), Franze Micah Castañeda (5A), and Keefe Malcolm Ng (5A) were Silver Medalists. In addition, Alvann Walter Paredes Dy (6A), Nathan Clarence Yu (6C), and Darrion Kyler Lim (5F) were awarded as Bronze Medalists.


“The entire Saint Jude Catholic School delegate was also awarded the Best Performance during the Cultural Night where they sang a Filipino song entitled `Tagumpay Nating Lahat’....” By the way, Erin Sophia Mauricio is my niece, she being the lone daughter of my brother Leny and my sister-in-law, lawyer Irene. Congratulations to all of them, too.


ERIN AND TEAMMATES: CHAMPION ROBOT PROGRAMMERS: I am particularly awed by the victory of Erin and her teammates in winning gold in the Robot Programming Contest. This feat serves as a reminder that the days of intelligent robots have now arrived, not only among first world countries, but even in scientifically-backward countries such as the Philippines.

Erin and her team, and others intellectually-gifted like them, are now about to usher in a world where robots with so-called “artificial intelligence” would be possessing human-like intellectual capabilities, with the ability to do most anything that any human being can do, except perhaps to procreate, or display human emotions.

While some are dreading the ultimate arrival of this event, because of fears that robots and computers may in fact become so intelligent they could even outwit mankind, it is undeniable that when properly utilized, robots can rapidly advance the cause of science, medicine, and food production, which can only make living more comfortable for man.


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