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Friday, 04 August 2017 14:22



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Salvation is far from the wicked, for they do not seek out your decrees (oh God)…” (Psalm 119:155, the Holy Bible).


SO WHAT DOES DUTERTE REALLY FEEL ABOUT FAELDON? Media seems to be the one being blamed once again for the clearly flip-flopping reports on what President Duterte is truly thinking about the P6.4 billion shabu scandal at the Bureau of Customs.

This is on account of the conflicting reports about what the President truly feels about Customs Commissioner Nick Faeldon, after renewed interest erupted in the country on how that huge quantity of shabu managed to come out from the Bureau, using its courtesy lane yet.

Surely, Faeldon and his officials, including chief of staff lawyer Mandy Anderson, have a lot to explain about this brouhaha, yet, Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III was quoted in a headline story of a Manila newspaper, in its August 02, 2017 issue, as saying the beleaguered customs chief continues to have the trust and confidence of the President.


PALACE DENIES DOMINGUEZ STORY ON FAELDON: But no sooner had the ink on that headline story dried when Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella came out with a press statement, on the same day of August 02, 2017, clarifying that Dominguez did not really say that Duterte continues to trust Faeldon.

I got a copy of the Abella press statement through the courtesies of Vic Somintac, the Malacanang reporter of radio station DZEC (1062 kHz) and the sole anchor of its 6 to 7 a.m. Mondays to Fridays program, “Isyu ng Bayan”. Vic emailed me Abella’s press statement at noon of August 02, 2017.

Abella’s statement said: “Regarding the statement attributed to DOF Sec Dominguez. May we clarify that he made no such announcement. He merely confirmed that a meeting with various officials transpired, when asked by our staff…”


DUTERTE NOW WAITING FOR RESULTS OF PROBE ON FAELDON: It would appear further that Duterte indeed met with Faeldon and Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Cesar Dulay on August 01, 2017. During that meeting, Duterte told Faeldon to focus on his job of serving the nation as head of the Bureau of Customs, increasing its collections.

Unfortunately for Faeldon, however, Duterte met, also on August 01, 2017, with congressmen and senators who are allied with the Chief Executive, for a late dinner at Malacanang. During that late dinner, many of the lawmakers sought the ouster of Faeldon because they believe that his handling of the P6.4 shabu scandal left many questions on his integrity.

As a result, Duterte appears to have withdrawn his expression of continuing trust for Faeldon. Instead, the president is now disposed to act on the fate of the former soldier depending on the outcome of the inquiries being conducted on the P6.4 billion shabu scam by the House of Representatives and the Senate. This early, I think Faeldon should now resign, if he knew what is best for him!


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