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Tuesday, 08 August 2017 11:41


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Shall I acquit someone with dishonest scales, with a bag of false weights?...” (Micah 6:11, the Holy Bible).


NO ONE IN GOV’T TO FIGHT DISHONEST AND DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS? What is the government agency that should be running after companies selling defective merchandise? Do we have even just one government official in the Philippines who has the obligation to assure that products being sold in public and private outlets are in good condition and are usable?

I am asking this because at about 10 o’clock Saturday evening, August 05, 2017, I was prevented from going back home to Fairview, Quezon City after attending the 2017 Handover and Induction Ceremonies for the Association of ChangeMaker Presidents for Rotary District 3810 at the Midas Hotel, because my driver inexplicably couldn’t start my car.

Mercifully, a person who turned out to be a roving mechanic of Motolite took a look at my car’s engine, and he immediately noted that the Motolite battery installed therein was the culprit, was not working, and was actually ‘dead”—which meant it couldn’t generate any electricity at all, so it is unable to start the engine.


WOES OVER MOTOLITE BATTERY PERFORMANCE: The Motolite mechanic then  gave instructions to me and my driver to call the Motolite hotline number, 02 3706686, to tell them that the battery that was installed in my car through what they call a “Motolite battery delivery service” was still under warranty as it was bought just several months ago, in September 2016 in fact.

Motolite is therefore still obliged, under its warranty of 21 months for the type of battery that they delivered to me in September 2016, to replace the battery if it turned out to be defective, as was the case, on the night of Saturday, August 05, 2017. Dutifully, I myself called the hotline number and, true enough, they had a record of my purchase of the battery in just under one year and that, yes, they were to replace it.

Unfortunately, the Motolite service representative that talked to me on that night told me I would have to wait for about two hours because my case could be remedied by them, allegedly because it was a Saturday night and that they had only two or three roving servicemen, and, even then, travelling to where my car was at the Midas Hotel at that time would be hampered by the grave traffic condition in the area.


MOTOLITE BATTERY HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO: Seeing I had no other option but to wait—the other option would have been for me to buy another brand new battery, in which case service would have been faster, I was told—I left the parking area and returned to Midas Hotel and waited patiently at the lobby. Yet, despite the lapse of two hours, no serviceman came prompting me to call them again, and introduce myself as a lawyer who is on radio, TV, and newspapers.

I even reminded them that indeed, they have no reason to delay servicing the battery that they themselves installed in my car, as it was already the tenth or more battery I bought from their “delivery service” through the years. That turned out to be magical because in just another one hour, my car got started, after Motolite installed a new battery in it.

Motolite has a lot of things to explain here. First, how come that a brand new battery sold by them could conk out in just a period about 11 months, as if it was a mere second hand battery? Second, how could take so long in responding to cries for help from their loyal clients, especially since, as in my case, my battery was still under warranty? Who in government can help consumers in situations such as these?


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