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Sunday, 13 August 2017 14:31




Because of the armed struggle, violent incidents, blazing issues and controversies, political squabble, etc. The flowers were neglected to get shrivelled, withered or dried; then fallen to be swept out by the wind to nowhere, the City of Flowers is like magical name clinging to the culture and tradition of Zamboanguenos slowly lost its colors, luster and scent until many of us especially the young ones have forgotten it. Others began to call by other names like Asia’s Latin City, City of Armalities, Kidnappers, Illegal drugs or whatever. But those are only products of depressed imagination except for Asia’s Latin City which is historical as to the origin of our beautiful language Chavacano.

Notwithstanding, the magic spell is still there. The friendly smiles and the hospitablegesture of the Zamboanguenos are like flowers under the tropical sun. Those colourful sails of vintas are like giant petals drifting on the coastal waters of the city. Those are simple matters, but they are like supernatural charm that captivates the heart of every beholder. Any tourist who happens to see all these can’t help but to come back here and revivify those nostalgic memories of the previous visit. Though most of the flowers in the past had been gone, still in the hearts of the Zamboanguenos there remain the garden flowers.

We were astounded and so glad that there’s a move to bring back those beautiful native flowers; to have all houses along the road in bloom including schools and other public buildings. No need for expensive flowers from foreign lands for we have many native flowers, such as ilang-ilang, adelfa, gumamela, santan, sampaguita, cadena de amor, cosmos, ahitos, zinnias, dama de noche, waling-waling and many more.

We believe that residents in communities and barangays are very much willing to support this praiseworthy idea by planting flower plants in their backyards or any vacant space beside the house or hanging by the windows.

To get the full support of the people, we suggest that incentive in the in the form of prizes be given through a contest like “the most blooming house in a barangay”. The prizes may be 1,000 in cash and 1,000 worth of grocery items.

When this happens, a time when in each barangay all houses are in full bloom, anywhere turn your face and you see flowers, that will really boost the tourism industry in Zamboanga City. Of course, all efforts blended with other components to make it a virtual avalanche in the tourism promotion, bringing about a city of flowers into a tourist destination and a later makes haven of tourists.

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