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Monday, 22 August 2011 13:13


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…Jesus said, `If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free’…” (The Lord Jesus Christ in John 8:31-32, the Holy Bible).
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QUESTIONS FOR THE DRAGON BOAT FEDERATION: I have some questions for the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation. I hope the officials and members of the team would be able to answer them, for the sake of truth and fairness in Philippine sports.

First, is it true that the events at the Tampa, Florida, US competition from where they received gold medals were actually for beginners only---and not for professional dragon boat teams which is the real classification of the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation? If the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation is a professional team, why did it join the “beginners-only” competitions?

Second, is it true that the Tampa, Florida, US competition was not really a “worldwide” competition, in the sense that only about 22 participants competed in its games and where the world standard for any competition to be considered really “worldwide” is that, there should be about 200 or so participants?
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DRAGON BOAT TEAM DECEIVED POC? Third, is it true that the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation, under its leader-coach Nestor Ilagan, was found to have deceived the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) in 2010 in its desire to qualify as the country’s representative in the Asian Games 1,000-meter dragon boat competition, by submitting a time standard which is two minutes slower than the Asian standard?

And, is it true that Ilagan has been claiming to be a coach, instead of being an official of the Federation, so that he could continue receiving salaries and other emoluments from the Philippine Sports Commission or PSC?

Fourth, is it true that this deception was investigated by the POC and that its findings showed that the there was indeed fraud in the time standard submitted by the Federation, considering that competitions for the 1,000-meter event could be won by fractions of seconds, not two minutes, as the Federation submitted to the POC?
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DRAGON BOAT’S AXE TO GRIND VS. POC: Fifth, is it true that the Federation and Ilagan did not inform the POC that they actually joined an Asian tournament early in 2010 where they finished a poor fourth place, a standing that would not qualify the team for the Asian Games in China, and that instead, what the Federation showed the team’s performance record in 2009 when they won two gold medals in the IDBF World Championships in Prague?

Is it also true that when the smoke of battle cleared in China, the performance of the national dragon boat team during the time trial in the 1,000-meter distance did not even beat the time of the sixth placer in Asian Games finals  and that the event was won by Indonesia, the same team that won in the Asian level tournament where Filipino paddlers placed fourth?

Finally, is it true that, because of these experiences of the Federation with the POC, it entertained an axe to grind against its current leadership? Again, I hope the Federation will be able to answer these questions.