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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 10:49



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken…” (Proverbs 16:8, the Holy Bible).


PNP SHOULD PUBLICIZE “ORDERS OF BATLE” VS. DRUG SUSPECTS: To avoid incredulity about claims by the Philippine National Police that the persons being killed in the course of its deadly anti-illegal drugs campaign are involved in drugs, it should take the initiative of immediately publicizing its dossiers or its so-called “orders of battle” specifically naming their supposed “high value targets”.

This way, those truly involved in drugs could either leave, or stop their nefarious trade altogether, to avoid being killed in the on-going “tokhang” operations. Or, the innocent ones whose names appear in the list can perhaps seek the aid of the courts to clear their names right away. The objective here is transparency and, of course, putting an end to drugs.

President Duterte already did this anyway, even if only partially. If the President did disclose some names at the start of his fierce campaign on drugs, why can’t the police do the same thing? Doing this should compel them to be more careful in their operations, and therefore stop inflicting “collateral damage” against ordinary and law-abiding citizens.


PUBLICIZING “ORDERS OF BATTLE” SHOW PNP SINCERITY IN DRUG CAMPAIGN: Police publicizing their dossiers or “orders of battle” will also put an end, or somehow lessen, criticisms that their “tokhang” operations constitute “extra-judicial killings” of drug suspects in order to silence them, to prevent them from spilling the beans on their cohorts.

I know this is skewered reasoning but if and when the people in the dossiers or “orders of battle” are killed, the usual police excuse for the death of the suspects—that they are into drugs—would somehow become more acceptable, and would not cause an uproar similar to the uproar generated by the death of the Caloocan City student Kian Delos Santos.

The police should do this now—publicize its dossiers and “orders of battle”, that is—to show its sincerity in its campaign against illegal drugs. The situation would become vastly different if anyone, whether a single individual or a group of people, would later summon the courage to file a petition with the Supreme Court to compel the police to make that disclosure.


DUTERTE’S LIST SHOULD BE MADE PUBLIC, TOO: And, while we are tackling the issue of disclosures of dossiers and “orders of battle”, I think the same thing should be done with respect to the list of President Duterte. I believe that it would also be to the best interest of the country and its people if the contents of that list would also be publicized in full.

Of course, the list may not be 100% accurate and may hurt reputations, but it would be better to let the people whose names are in that list to know they are in the list! That way, they could be moved to either confess and then cut clean, so to speak, or avail of legal remedies to correct their inclusion in that list.

A disclosure of that list should then prompt some kind of a lifestyle audit of the personalities that are being connected with the trading of illegal drugs. This audit should focus on an examination of the sources of income of the persons in the list side by side with an inquiry into his assets and properties. This should tell us whether those in the list are living within their means or are being supported by illicit income!


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