Two bloody days in the drug war PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 August 2017 13:46

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

One young woman was killed in a protest rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in the USA.  For his comments on this incident  Donald Trump was severely criticized  not only by his own fellow Americans but also by the leaders of countries the US is allied with.

Fifteen people were killed  and over  a hundred were injured in a terrorist attack in Barcelona and a nearby city.  For these incidents the international  news networks  went on all day about the senseless loss of lives.

I was away from home at the time and was simply watching the foreign news networks covering the  Charlottesville and the Barcelona incidents. Since I did not get around to  reading the Manila papers  I had no idea that two incidents related to the drug war being pursued by the Duterte administration actually resulted in the killing of 32 persons in Bulacan on August 15 and another 25 in Manila a day after. (Based on news report.)  The second spurt of killings brought to light the way a 17-year old high school student was killed. However, there was practically nothing in BBC and CNN, networks that I regularly watch.

I do not think PRRD specifically ordered these killings;  the police simply carried out his articulated objective of  attacking the drug menace by any means, fair or foul. Should we the citizens of this country just stand by and let the police act the way they have?

When Paolo Duterte was implicated by someone in the P6.4 billion shabu smuggle try through the Bureau of Customs, top guns in the Duterte government took turns calling on the public to come forward with credible evidence about the presidential son’s involvement. The father of the nation and of Paolo explicitly said that he would resign as president should Paolo be shown guilty.

But who in that same level of government has called on the people to come forward with evidence or statements absolving Kian delos Santos of what the police has accused him of doing? Actually it seems that there is enough in the CCTV footage to show that the police were engaged in “overkill”  but of course Kian has no powerful relatives to stand up for him.

Come to think of it,  none of the 7000 or so killed in the brutal drug war in our country and under this administration were given the chance to show proof that they were innocent of the charges for which they were killed.

To state it for the nth time – no one who speaks out as I am doing is in favor of letting the drug business continue in the country. But killing someone simply because he/she is suspected of being a drug user/pusher is against even the most basic understanding of law. Two wrongs do not make a right.