There’s transparency if no monkey business PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 31 August 2017 13:33


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

ZAMCELCO officials are lying! Councilor Pinpin Parejas of District 1 blasted through the media. They are not telling the truth about the content of the contract regarding the gen-set brought from United Kingdom through NEA, but the loan to be paid by the member-consumers here. Why? Is there anything that they want to hide from us? If so, what’s the motive behind it?

From our observations ever since, government agencies and offices have so many things hiding from the public, the tax payers in particular. Of course, we cannot argue when it has a bearing on our national security.

However, we have been talking a lot about the principle of transparency in public administration. We know what transparency means. But its extent or how it is interpreted or practiced, there seems to be something covert.

Now what’s going on inside ZAMCELCO as the City Council is poking its nose into it, we don’t know. Hopefully the local legislators like Councilor Parejas would be able to unfold something crucial that has to do with the welfare of the member-consumers of the cooperative. Mind you, let’s go straight to the point—for a long time now, we, the member-consumers of ZAMCELCO have been fooled or misinformed or even cheated concerning our rights and privileges as registered members of this electric cooperative. No offense meant, but we are only expressing our disappointment, disgust or dissatisfaction over how we are being treated by the management of ZAMCELCO. For the moment, we are not blaming anybody. Most often than not, the general assembly activity is just a mere ploy. It cannot stop the whims and caprices of the corrupt minds.

Certainly all what we want is better service at reasonable rate, though this is only possible when the coop is totally rid of malpractices, corruptions or controversies. Strictly no monkey business.

From our point of view, the best way to curb power pilferage is to have the system loss charged on the officials and personnel of the cooperative and not to the member-consumers. The system loss is perpetrated by scalawag personnel in cahoots with some officials or this is a clandestine malpractice attained through connivance.

Oftentimes the member-consumers are despondent to be left in darkness all of a sudden while the corrupt people prefer to have their minds in the dark. There is wealth in the dark, according to their illusion.