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As provided by our good friend from BF Homes Paranaque, bar top-notcher Vic R. Solis, in case of permanent vacancies in the local Sangguniang (city council) – and the resulting vacancy becomes permanent (as in the case of embattled Councilor Charlie Mariano) — the vacuum shall be filled by appointment by the president (of the republic), through the executive secretary. Further, only the nominee of the political party under which the Sangguniang member concerned had been elected shall be appointed.

The appointment requires a certificate of membership of the appointee and his nomination to the position issued by the highest official of the party concerned, as stipulated in Section 45 of the Local Government Code.

Charlie Mariano ran and won as a candidate of the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP) in the last local election in the first district. His party right now has no leader because Rep. Calso L. Lobregat (PDP-Laban) has temporarily abandoned his original party, LDP. He is, as he said, on “leave-of-absence” from the LDP – whatever that connotes. The head of the LDP is Edgardo Angara, one of the founding members of the once-super powerful party that boasted of stalwarts like Ramon Mitra, Neptali Gonzales, Marcelo Fernan, Butz Aquino, brother of assassinated senator Ninoy Aquino, Jr., and Mrs. Maria Clara Lorenzo-Lobregat.

Can Mr. Lobregat ACT to nominate whoever he pleases from the ranks of the LDP from the first district: Joselito Macrohon or Noning Biel? But he cannot, by law, recommend to Sen. Angara non-LDP members as those belonging to the Nationalist People’s Coalition, Liberal Party or Nacionalista Party.

Mr. Lobregat may also REACT to accusations that he has temporarily abrogated the privilege to recommend the appointment of an LDP aspirant to take Mariano’s place in the city council because he is officially “on-leave” from the party. That privilege, therefore, is left to the most senior member of the LDP – Councilor Mike Alavar of the second district.

However, Mr. Lobregat may REPEAT as “active” head of the LDP if he temporarily goes on leave as a very active member of the PDP-Laban and go back to the LDP to act on the urgent Mariano matter and then butterfly back to the PDP-Laban when the issue is resolved.

We will hear from Mr. Dexter Yap in the coming days as he discusses about Mariano’s predicament, the goings-on in the House of Representatives like federalism, Bangsamoro Basic Law and, of course, the 2018 national budget.

Mr. Yap’s articles are never dull, no matter long, because they are engaged in extensive research. The shape of our future is dictated by his perceptions. Mr. Yap is a political analyst, economist, engineer and agriculturist. I like to meet him some day.

Now, back to Mr. Lobregat. In my 13 long years with him, I watched him grow to be the true heir to the tradition of his mother. He extended some of the visions of his Great Mother and, to some degree, the thinking of the legendary Cesar C. Climaco.

A writer said of the vision of journalist-statesman Blas Ople that I liken to Mr. Lobregat’s: “His constant drinking (when he was young)… his constant lecturing, his modest beginnings, his irrepressible compassion, his obedience to the theory of political determinism, must never blind us to his just and abundant merits.”

Thus, Mr. Lobregat still rules in Zamboanga, as the old men in the past did. He dictates the pace of politics and reality. Soon, he will have the majority of the city councilors in his red corner. The day will come when he shall return as mayor, perhaps in two years, and older than he is now. But he will be back as Citizen One.

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