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Sunday, 17 September 2017 14:39



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, people’s hearts are filled with schemes to do wrong…” (Eclessiastes 8:11, the Holy Bible).


FIRM SYSTEM OF PUNISHMENT NEEDED FOR GOVERNMENT MEN TO MAKE THEM BETTER:  Did the leadership of the Philippine National Police (PNP) really think that ousting some 1,000 policemen from Caloocan City and transferring them to another station on account of their involvement in various heinous crimes would have any beneficial effect on them? Would they be changed by their re-assignment and retraining?

Well, when will ranking PNP officers, and others from different government agencies whose employees are also into graft and corruption and criminality, learn that merely transferring the assignment of erring policemen and other personnel, or subjecting them to a re-training, will not work to transform them?

We have seen the spectacle of past re-assignments and retraining that the government and the PNP for that matter have implemented through the years. But, many in the PNP and in many other government offices remain possessing criminal minds (and, of course, behaviors). Indeed, what is needed to instill true discipline among them is a firm system of punishment to make them better policemen and officials and employees.


PEOPLE BECOME CRIMINALS WHEN THEY ARE PUNISHED: In fact, according to a book that is now very old, if the penalties for a crime are not enforced or carried out, people would be filled with schemes to do wrong, and would continue in graft and corruption, and in criminality. Criminals or people with a criminal disposition are encouraged to remain as criminals since they know they will not be punished anyway.

I remember the story from the book, “The Art of War”, which is said to have been written by a very intelligent Chinese philosopher, Sun Tzu. One day, the king in China wanted to teach discipline on parade marching  among his thousands and thousands of warriors in his kingdom. Included in these warriors are the king’s favorite concubines. So, the king called on his generals to be the ones to teach discipline to them.

Unfortunately, the generals failed to impose discipline among the kingdom’s warriors, because the king’s favorite concubines were themselves leading in mischief. Dismayed, it was at that point that the king called for Sun Tzu, whom he asked to replace the generals in the job of instilling discipline among his warriors.


SHOULD SUN TZU’S TACTICS BE USED NOW IN RP? On the very first day that Sun Tzu started teaching the troops, he saw that the soldiers did not show any interest in learning discipline, precisely because the concubines were themselves undisciplined. Sun Tzu then called for the concubines and presented them to the king and the warriors.

Sun Tzu got a sword, had the concubines bow down, and, suddenly and without warning, cut off the women’s heads, killing them instantly. Everybody got awed as the king expressed his grave loneliness. After that, Sun Tzu resumed teaching discipline to the troops. To the surprise of everyone, the kind included, the warriors suddenly displayed discipline, making them very good at marching.

Indeed, this is what is happening in the Philippines now. The corrupt and the criminals in government—and in the private sector, too—know they wouldn’t be punished anyway. So, our country has the spectacle of almost everyone in government engaging in corruption and criminality. Perhaps, Filipinos show now use Sun Tzu’s tactics.


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