Climate and human life PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 September 2017 11:49

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

In 2006 the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” narrated by Al Gore of the US was released. The film was essentially a call for mankind to consider seriously the effects of our activities on the wellbeing of our planet and the dire results if we did not do anything about the situation. Some groups pointed out certain errors in the assumptions made in the film and this perhaps led to the making of what we now call the “deniers”, those who do not believe that the condition of the earth has been affected by global warming.

Global warming results from the accumulation in our atmosphere of greenhouse gases- carbon dioxide,  nitrous oxide, methane, fluorinated gases - which are generated by human activities  and which trap heat around the planet making it warmer. This warming in turn leads to climate change.

Weather conditions in some parts of the world in the  past 30 days have certainly created situations which have had dire results on the life of many people in the countries affected. Monsoon rains in Asia and hurricanes in the northern hemisphere have resulted in massive flooding in Mumbai, Houston (Texas) and Florida and in the Caribbean islands. For many of the affected places these weather effects have been the worst in several decades. The damage was not only in terms of property loss but also in the death of the more vulnerable sector of society, the young and the elderly.

Although not arising from climate change, Mexico was hit twice in 30 days by devastating earthquakes. The photos from the destruction caused by the earthquakes can make even the stouthearted cringe and say a prayer that we be spared from such a calamity.

The Mexico earthquakes, the category 5 hurricanes and the massive flooding stir thoughts of the coming of the apocalypse. Perhaps we can do better by considering what we, as individuals, can do to mitigate the impact of human activity on the climate in our planet.

It was providential that the Silsilah Dialogue Movement  had organized a “school” on Dialogue with Creation during the 5 Fridays of September, with the 5th and last session to be on September 29. The activity had been planned earlier but the recent climate events  underscored the importance of the topic.

While there are speculations that in the vast universe there must be another planet with the same conditions found on Earth and which can support life as we know it on this planet, these are merely speculations at this time. In the meantime we are bound to this our planet home and it is up to us to keep it in such a condition that all the creatures which call this planet “our home” can continue to thrive in it. For now, we have no other home so we must take care of it.