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Thursday, 05 October 2017 13:59



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely’…” (Ruth 1:17, the Holy Bible).


WHO AMONG OUR POLITICIANS CAN WE BELIEVE NOW? With so many politicians in the Philippines today boldly proclaiming that they are the ones who are righteous and are acting appropriately in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities in the sensitive positions being occupied by them in government, and that whatever accusations that are being hurled against them are pure and simple politicking by their foes, it has become very difficult for our countrymen to know who is telling the truth among them.

If one is not discerning enough, he or she could be misled about claims that this or that government official is totally clean in performing his or her functions, and did not steal, nor abuse anyone, using their positions. Of course, the truth can never be really concealed, for abuse and corruption has become truly rampant and pervasive in politics and in government.

Indeed, it is a source of awe and wonder for many to see government functionaries and politicians making wild claims about being upright and righteous even if it is clear that worms and faggots already fester in their hearts, minds and spirits, and their only clear concern is personal and family advancement. How can we compel these people to admit the truth about themselves?


GOV’T MEN, POLITICIANS, MUST TAKE AN OATH  BEFORE GOD AGAINST CORRUPTION:  I have a proposal and I am sure that with this proposal of mine, we can compel many in politics and in government to either  stop their outlandish claims of uprightness and probity notwithstanding their true nature as corrupt and graft-prone all the time, or to stop them from being corrupt altogether.

How is this done? Before God and before our countrymen, we will ask all our politicians and government officials and employees, from the highest to the lowest, in the executive, legislative, and judicial departments, to take an oath that they have not engaged in any graft and corruption, in any stealing or abuse, in government.

Side by side with this oath, we will also require all politicians and government officials and employees to say, “may God deal with me and my family, my spouse, my children, my parents, my siblings and my other loved ones, be it ever so severely, if I engaged

in corruption, abuse, stealing or plunder while I am in government.”


HERE’S HOW TO KNOW WHO ARE TRAITORS AGAINST THE NATION: If a politician or a government functionary did not commit any corruption or abuse, there would be no problem reciting this oath. That politician or official or employee will have nothing to be afraid of, because if they did their work well God’s curses will not come upon them. On the other hand, if a politician or official or employee is corrupt or abusive, they will never be able to recite this oath.

I believe that any person who is able to mention the Name of God to ask for His gravest punishment if he is corrupt, abusive, or a plunderer in government, is a person who is clean and is upright. He knows that God’s curses will not come upon him even if asks for those curses because he did not do anything.

Those who are corrupt, abusive, and plunderers in government would surely look for excuses so as not take this oath that we have proposed here. They will say they do not have any reason to take an oath before God because they are doing their work well anyway,or taking this oath is simply stupid. Well, this would show who truly are traitors against our nation.


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