SQUARE POINT : Fare rate should be fair PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 August 2011 13:58

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

From the airport to the bus terminal in Guiwan or from the pier to the terminal, some greedy tricycle drivers are charging as high as one thousand pesos or more.

No one in his right mind would agree to pay such amount considering the distance travelled and based on the normal fare that passengers normally pay for quite a long time. If there had been a change in the fare matrix or an increase in the rate, at least not so exorbitant as that. It’s tantamount to extortion or holdup.

In this city, the most common complaints of passengers against trike drivers is overcharging. And mostly are transients who pass by here as a connecting trip to their final destination.

Some of them have filed their complaint at the Police Station, but never came back for the follow up. So the erring drivers remained free and unpunished.

Because of public criticism and dissension, the city’s Tricycle Adjudication Board and the Sangguniang Panlungsod represented by Councilor Luis Biel III are working hard to find the best solution to the problem so that the tricycle operation will be smooth and orderly. Thus, no longer cause trouble between tricycle drivers and passengers. Series of consultations are to be conducted with all sectors of the community in order to come up with a win-win solution. It means that both drivers and passengers are to be benefitted from the ordinance which will be written based on the careful and discreet studies and consultations.

On TV news, Biel said that there will be signboards indicating the distance for the computation of the right amount of fare to be charged.
However, the possibility remains there that there will still be some drivers who would take advantage of their passengers in overcharging or other illegal means of mulcting their passengers.

In order to be ready to look into the complaints from passengers and take immediate action, a complaint desk is needed in strategic areas such as bus terminal, parking site or common unloading area for tricycles. Just an idea for Councilor Biel from the trike riders.

Our point is— certainly tricycles have been a major form of livelihood that many families depend on. Also we have no taxi here, so we need the tricycles. In other words, it’s a reciprocal relation— one cannot without the other.

So fair is fair. The fare rate should be fair.