BLAZING THOUGHTS: Danger on the roads PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 August 2011 13:59

BY Al Kenoh

A couple riding tandem on a motorcycle suddenly fell on the dilapidated road. The wife was slightly injured— some bruises and rashes on her knees and elbows. The husband who was unhurt hurriedly helped her up. So worried looking on the contusions, he asked how she felt. But the brave woman just smiled.

Some motorists stopped to find out and offered to take them to the hospital. But they declined saying that they’re alright. What bothered most the husband is that his wife is three months on the family way. They were running at moderate speed, but due to the perilous condition of the road, he suddenly got out of balance and the bike crashed.

I was among the curious motorists that day. I turned around to look at the sad state of the road. Apparently it was under repair, but the work was temporarily stopped and the unbearable condition miserably left to the adroitness of the motorists without any effort to care for their safety.

Reported on TV news, somewhere in Sinunuc, Maasin and other barangays in the west coast, some portions of the roads were placed under rehabilitation for the benefit of the motorists. That’s great! Naturally everybody wants to have beautiful roads because those are the arteries where the lifeblood of progress passes through from the seat of government to the people and vice versa.

However, it cannot be denied that in the past many accidents have occurred due to road disorder caused by repair works and other excavations undertaken like water pipes connection and drainage system. As a result, countless lives perished, loved ones grieved bitterly and innocent children thrown into uncertainties.

While we gladly appreciate improvements and developments, we cannot allow ourselves to be exposed to danger on the roads especially if caused by negligence and recklessness. Contractors involved in repair works of public infrastructures should always think of the safety, not only their laborers, but most of all the commuters and those who are in the streets eking out a living. You should remember— for a breadwinner to be injured in an accident will definitely mean a disaster to his family.

Just plain and simple— when we work, see to it that we place everything in,its proper place to avoid an ugly situation.