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Thursday, 12 October 2017 14:35



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…Therefore, everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice are wise…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in Matthew 7:24, the Holy Bible).


WHEN WILL CUSTOMS CHIEF LAPENA EVER LEARN? When will the leaders and officers of the Bureau of Customs (BOC), like newly-installed Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapena, ever learn? With his already lengthy service in government, Lapena should already know by now that corruption will continue at the bureau even if its misfits and corrupt officials and employees are purged every now and then, if their replacements similarly do not have fear and love of God in their hearts.

It may happen that during the initial stages of their work,  the new officials and employees will display efficiency and clean service, so that, during that time, distribution of grease money for transactions in the bureau (derisively called “tara”) may stop or be considerably lessened. But as previous instances in the country will show, involving even presidents who have been installed on the crest of a strong outcry against corruption of their predecessors, graft will somehow find its way once again.

Many are saying that new officials who initially display probity are simply “eaten up” by the corrupt system once they get to know their way around. But this is what I say: if only these officials have fear and love of our God and Savior in their hearts, they would never allow themselves to be enmeshed in corruption, choosing instead to remain honest and righteous in their work.


CORRUPTION THRIVES IN RP BECAUSE FILIPINOS NO LONGER FEAR AND LOVE GOD: If the truth be told, the reason corruption continues to thrive in our country is that, almost all Filipinos have already strayed away from God. Whether they are from the higher echelons of society, rich and powerful, or whether they are wallowing in poverty, poor and marginalized, nobody but nobody entertains fear and love of God in their hearts anymore. In their thoughts, words, action, and appearances, they are concerned only about themselves and their interests.

Gone are the respect, the recognition, thanksgiving, and giving of honor, to God among many Filipinos. This is largely due to the truth that the faith of many is no longer genuine and is generally a joke. Many say they are Christians, but they no longer know the commands of Jesus, precisely because they no longer read His Word, the Bible.

And because many Filipinos no longer desire to read the Bible, they are no longer shaped by the commands that would have led them to good thoughts, peaceful and respectful speech, humble behavior, and appearances that are truly pleasing to God. What is more fearful and frightening is that, their minds have become clearly controlled not by God and His commands anymore, but by the devil.


DUTERTE MUST LEAD FILIPINOS IN TRULY SEEKING GOD FOR TRUE CHANGE: As a consequence, I am proposing to Lapena, to President Duterte, and to all others who are in government, and even to all our countrymen: the change that we must all be pursuing and insisting on is the change among ourselves towards a more healthy knowledge of, and obedience to, God and His commandments.

The Duterte government must make as its priority the recognition, thanksgiving, and giving honor to God at all times, in the minds, speech, behavior or conduct, and in the appearance of everyone, from the President himself, to the Vice President, to the members of the two houses of Congress, the judiciary, and to all Filipinos.

We must all strive to regularly call, with all sincerity and candor, on God through unceasing prayers. The government must also talk to the leaders of the different religious and spiritual groups in the Philippines to solicit their help to earnestly teach their members the Word of God from the Bible, or from any other holy book of other groups. This maybe difficult at the start, but God Himself will act if we all do this honestly.


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