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Tuesday, 17 October 2017 14:02



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over you and will give an account for their work…” (Hebrews 13:17, the Holy Bible).


YES, DUTERTE CAN DECLARE A REVOLUTIONARY GOV’T: Can President Duterte declare a revolutionary government? Yes, he can. Is there any law that governs the declaration of a revolutionary government in the Philippines? There is none. What is the requirement for a president—or anyone in the Philippines, for that matter—to declare a revolutionary government?

First and foremost, the support of the police and the military, and second, the support of the citizenry. If a president, like Duterte, has the support of the police and the military and of the citizenry, he has all that he needs, and there is no longer anyone who can contest or even question the declaration of a revolutionary government.

The legal, judicial, and governmental systems that are rooted in an existing Constitution, like the Cory Aquino 1987 Constitution, are scuttled. All government offices are abolished, and all government officials are ousted. The country would then come under whatever new system that is ushered in by the president who decreed the establishment of the revolutionary government.


FEAR OF A DUTERTE REVOLUTIONARY GOV’T AMONG POLITICAL FOES: There are some who say that Duterte cannot declare a revolutionary government because there is no prior revolution upon which such a Duterte revolutionary government could be built on. These people cite the example of Cory Aquino.

They say that since Cory’s government was preceded by the EDSA Revolution of 1986, that Revolution provided the “legal” basis for the revolutionary government that she put up then with her cohorts. Well, that is a mere theory, and betrays their fear of a Duterte revolutionary government, and total ignorance of what a real revolutionary government is.

The fact is that, the Cory Aquino presidency was totally illegitimate, and violated all existing laws of the land in 1986. It was a simple power grab by a foreign power, aided by Filipino traitors who had nothing in their minds then but exacting revenge on their long-time political enemies while salivating profusely for the perks of being in power. Admittedly, that kind of an illegitimate government did not have any right to declare a revolutionary government in any way.


DUTERTE’S CONTRACT FOR REFORMS IS WITH THE PEOPLE, NOT WITH LAWS: The case of President Duterte is different. He is the legitimate president of this country, having won by a big majority of votes over his political foes in an election that was rigged to favor another presidential candidate. He has the mandate of the people to carry out reforms that would blot out illegal drugs, criminality, corruption, and rebellion.

Because of the insurmountable problems the people are facing today, it has become clear that the legal mechanism existing in the Philippines, represented by the 1987 Constitution and all other laws, is clearly no longer sufficient to bring about the reforms the President promised to the people who, concededly, elected him on the basis of his promise of reforms.

Duterte is therefore left with no other option, if he is to fulfill his contract with the Filipino people, but to avail of other remedies outside or independent of the useless legal system that is in place today. His covenant is with the people who badly wanted reforms, not with any inutile system of laws. He therefore has every right to put up a government that will bring about reforms, regardless of what its name would be. I support him in this endeavor.


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