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Wednesday, 18 October 2017 14:17



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…Endless ruin has overtaken my enemies, you have uprooted their cities; even the memory of them has perished…” (Psalm 9:6, the Holy Bible).


MESSAGE ON THE DEATH OF TERRORISTS: YOU CAN NOT FIGHT GOV’T: If there is any important message that can be derived from the violent deaths of Isnilon Hapilon ang Omar Maute last Monday, October 16, 2017, it is the truth that the official armed forces of the country will always prevail even against the most dreaded, most heavily armed, and most fearsome terrorists and enemies of the people.

It would just be actually a matter of the exact hour before terrorists or rebels are ruthlessly decimated or roundly defeated, and their illicit aspirations against the duly-constituted government pitiably crushed to the ground, in the manner that cockroaches and other crawling pests are mercilessly grounded to bits and pieces.

Because of this, the call from our people for those who are fighting the government and who are causing untold hardships upon our nation is simple: stop all rebellion and any form of lawless anarchy and mayhem, and pursue peace and progress for our countrymen instead.


DUTERTE’S FOES SHOULD STOP UNFOUNDED CRITICISMS: Too, we also would like to call upon those who regularly oppose and contradict the government, especially the Duterte government, to similarly stop their noisy and rambunctious barrage of criticisms and conspiratorial pursuits to discredit the government at all cost, principally President Duterte, even if there is a conceded good that is coming out from official actions.

It is no longer acceptable, to say the least, to always view any pronouncement or any action of Duterte and his officials as inappropriate and incorrect. It is likewise no longer right that, instead of giving due recognition to the good that governmental projects produce, biting criticisms always come out from his political foes, especially from their supporters in media.

One glaring example of this malady that I can refer to here concerns the killing of Hapilon and Maute in the hands of the brave soldiers of the AFP, in their latest skirmish on Monday. Instead of expressing gratitude that terrorists and rebels who have conspired to dismember the Republic by giving Mindanao away have been finally neutralized, critics are instead harping on the incident as an “empty” victory, whatever that meant to them.


DUTERTE’S FOES ARE CRITICIZING HIM TO DERAIL HIS GOV’T: The truth is that, many of these critics are criticizing President Duterte only because they are rabid supporters of the political foes of the President. They are opposed to whatever Duterte is saying or doing, not because of issues, but because they are known friends and associates of the President’s political enemies. This is the reason why the President, to them, is incapable of doing anything good.

What I cannot understand from these critics is this: their friends who are the political detractors of President Duterte not only failed to do anything good for the country when they were the ones running the government, but more because on the basis of evidence that are coming out now, they were actually the very reason why the Philippines is in deep trouble today, particularly on the matter of shabu and illegal drugs.

Is it not a fact that shabu and other illegal drugs got openly traded in the country during the time of the previous administration? Is it not a fact likewise that the terrorists who are moving to separate Mindanao from the Philippines today come from the country whose leaders conspired with the relatives of our own Filipino leaders so we will no longer run after a big portion of that country’s territory which rightfully belongs to us? Indeed, Duterte’s critics are scandalously silent on these points. ‘


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