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Monday, 23 October 2017 14:50



INSPIRASYON SA BUHAY: “...Mamuhay kayo ayon sa salita ng Diyos. Kung ito’y pinapakinggan lamang ninyo ngunit hindi isinasagawa, dinadaya ninyo ang inyong sarili. Sapagkat ang nakikinig ng salita ngunit hindi sumusunod dito ay katulad ng isang taong tumitingin sa salamin, at pagkatapos makita ang sarili ay umaalis at kinakalimutan ang kanyang anyo...” (Santiago 1:22-24, Bibliya).


PHILIPPINES, IN THE GRIP OF SINFULNESS: Are you also noticing, like I am noticing it, that almost in the entire country today, a great number of Filipinos seem to be enveloped with sinfulness and selfishness even if all of them are proclaiming that they are believers in God and that they are His true followers?

This is the reason why many Filipinos are drug addicts, criminals, corrupt, sinful, robbers and thieves, rapists, adulterers, unreasonably jealous, mentally insane and incapable, and are possessed with minds controlled by the devil. Even if many of us claim publicly that we believe in God, and even if we are saying we obey Him, we have become deaf and blind about the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

That is why at this point, the blessings that come from true faith in God seems to have vanished from our country and from our people. Poverty and difficult lives have afflicted many, our day-to-day activities are filled with discord and dissension, and we have become a nation of frustrated individuals whose dreams and prayers are no longer realized or answered in any way.


HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO THE PHILIPPINES? How did this kind of an accursed life come to our country? The truth is that, as studies by the Simbahang Anak ng Diyos Kadugo Ni Kristo (or AND KNK, the Children of God Blood Kin of the Christ Church) will show, we are living a life full of curses, and continue to do so, because most of our countrymen already strayed away, much too far away, from God and His commands.

Because we have shied away from the practices that each and every true believer or follower of Christ must be practicing, like daily reading of the Bible (for Christians), meditating on what we read from the Bible day and night, and carefully obey everything that the Bible is commanding us to, the curses that God promised to those who have turned their backs on Him, written in the Bible, are now with us.

Many of us are now sporting fake or spurious faith in God. We are now guilty of doing precisely what was proscribed by the Bible—that our faith is merely manifested in our lips, but not in our hearts. We claim that we pray and have faith in God, but we do not even know the things that true believers must be doing or manifesting in their lives.


FILIPINOS DEAF AND BLIND TO THE MYSTERIES OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN: Because of this, God Himself blinded us and made us deaf. Because we have been refusing to listen to His Word, and we no longer obey His commands, He removed from us the requisite understanding of how we can obtain His blessings, guidance, and protection.

And because we are deaf and blind and denied understanding by God Himself, we are not spared from the hardships, dissension, and failures in everything we do. It is also inevitable that we will undergo the prophesied burning of everything when the day of Great Tribulation comes, which is the day of Jesus’ Second Coming. And if we really have angered God, our final destination would be none other than the eternal lake of fire and worm, in the place called hell.

What are we to do then? I don’t know about you, but among us at the AND KNK, we are endeavoring to read, study, and obey sincerely what the Bible is saying. We are doing this for our own salvation, and to enable us to guide others towards the three stages of salvation that God Himself gives. You who are reading this, would you like to enjoy salvation, too? Call now!


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