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Wednesday, 25 October 2017 13:52



THESE, I believe, are what are involved in educating and forming the youth. Of course, we have to use all the necessary human means, like giving classes and conducting exams, giving them talks, suggestions and even corrections.

But we should not forget that what truly matters is to inspire and to motivate them. That’s because these go directly to the soul of the individuals where the radical transformation and development of a person takes place. It’s in the spiritual sphere where the real action takes place.

This can mean many things. For one, we should be available to them as long and as often as necessary. We need to spend time with them and cultivate real friendship and bonding. Given the way the young people usually behave, we should be willing to ‘waste’ time with them and to adapt ourselves to their language and ways. I am sure it will be all worthwhile. It’s good investment.

We have to give them good example in a consistent manner all the time. Giving example is the best teacher. Just the same, we should be ready and clear to tell or show them something to edify them. There’s definitely a need for continuing catechesis so that true values proper to our human and Christian dignity can slowly and steadily sink in.

We need to enter into their mind and heart, imparting with gift of tongue the truths of our faith with respect to life in general. This would include forming the proper attitude toward religion, toward family and work, use of time, human sexuality, virtues like hard work, order, prudence, humility, etc.

The right strategies have to be employed, considering how each person is—his temperament and character, his intellectual and emotional capacity, his social and economic status, etc.

We need to be quick to identify the problem areas in their life. Many of these young people bear many doubts in their mind. They lack self-esteem and often are unsure of their judgments and decisions. There can be a lot of inconsistency in the many aspects of life. Definitely, the unity of life is not yet there. It still has to be developed.

We have to teach them how to deal with their problems, difficulties, challenges, temptations, failures and sins. Of course, it goes without saying also that they need to be taught how to handle their victories and successes. The young people usually over-react to these events in their lives.

We should also be quick to discern the potentials they have. Each one, for sure, is born with some innate qualities that need to be developed and actualized to the full. With respect to this, it is important that we help them discover the concrete vocation each of them has. This matter is very crucial because it is fundamental in life, one that affects all the aspects of one’s life.

This will definitely require a lot of effort and patience, something whose source can ultimately come from God. Thus, we should be generous in our prayers and sacrifices, study of the doctrine, growing in the virtues and active in our own ascetical struggles, recourse to the sacraments, etc. This is because we cannot give what we do not have.

Let’s hope that one day all of us who have young people under our care be good and competent inspirers and motivators!