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Wednesday, 25 October 2017 13:53



San Jose, CA. — “The Anchorman” has passed and on to the great beyond he goes. From his youthful days out of college to the time he was sworn in as an elected member of the glorious city council, Max Enrique’s was the soothing, soft voice on radio and the spirited face on black and white television.

If Abraham Lincoln was a wise and good man and Florence Nightingale was renowned for her good deeds, Max was an honorable public servant, a true Rotarian, a salutary Jaycee and a pious knight (of Columbus). I remember campaigning vigorously for him when he ran for Jaycee Vice President for Western Mindanao in 1982. He was president of Rotary Club - West, the second president of the Zamboanga Press Club, and a Jaycee senator.

“What’s Cooking” was the title of his column back in the day when Zamboanga had only one community newspaper - Zamboanga Times, that was edited by “The Dean” Efren C. Pena. He anchored the daily chavacano news program over DXLL then owned by the Lopezes. Whatever it was he did, he did it with distinction, more so as a parent and husband. If the world is a republic of mediocrities, especially when it comes to English grammar, Max certainly wasn’t part of it.

His impeccable character was and stimulating commentaries and columns carried him to the city council. He was the real McCoy, not a charlatan, in the city council. Together with partners Nonie Aranez and Ric Baban, they formed a formidable legislative team.

We all say to Max: au revoir; adios; ciao; arrivederci; auf wiedersehen; sayonara; adieu.

Goodbye, Jot.

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Around this time last year, I contended that Zamboanga City isn’t a hopeless case. We’ve had the worst of everything. Despite the setbacks dating 1973, we have advanced in all levels. Whether or not political changes will come about in 2019, we shall continue to make progress.

No matter the commentators on radio and television say, what will happen in 2019 will happen: Mr. Celso L. Lobregat, the rich, often theatrical representative from Nunez, will put in all cylinders in a vigorous effort to take back City Hall. This time, he hasn’t telegraphed his punches, as he has silently informed his faithful to prepare...

The last voter turnout was devoid of enthusiasm. 2019 will be different.