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LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people…” (Galatians 6:10, the Holy Bible).


SSS EXECS SHOULD CUT DOWN THEIR SALARIES FOR MEMBERS: I am making and addressing this public plea to the top officials of the Social Security System (SSS): can you please lessen your salaries and allowances so the SSS can raise funds to provide better service to its nearly 40 million members?

This plea is prompted by what I personally witnessed on Tuesday, (October 24, 2017, at about 12:35 noontime), involving a great number of SSS members who patiently waited while they were queuing in line so that they could be attended to, right at the Members Assistance Center of SSS at East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

To be sure, there were a handful of SSS employees who were valiantly trying to talk to each and everyone of the SSS members present then, most of whom were already in line, two to three hours (or more) earlier yet, but their efforts were simply no match to the big number of their customers waiting to be served. This prompted me to think, the SSS members could have been served better, their big number notwithstanding, if there were more SSS employees on hand.


SSS SHOULD GIVE SERVICE DE LUXE TO ITS MEMBERS: Of course. In an agency which collects a forced monthly contribution from its members who already number about 40 million, more or less, oodles and oodles of money surely go into the coffers of the agency every month. Because of this, the SSS should not suffer from any incapacity in beefing up the number of its employees who would be tasked to attend to the needs of its members.

Billions of money come from SSS members, so that there should be no reason why they would be deprived of good service. SSS members should not be made to suffer difficulties when they try to receive the benefits due them from the agency. They should in fact be given service-de-luxe, and not the kind of service that is usually given to beggars pleading for alms and vagabonds.

There is no reason, as well, that SSS members should be dished out the kind of shabby treatment which I saw on Tuesday. It was a shame that while SSS members who had been paying contributions were without any lunch at all, and could not even go to the restroom for personal necessities for fear of losing their opportunity to be served, they saw SSS employees having lunch breaks, and were not in a hurry to return to work.


SSS MEMBERS, NOT EXECS, SHOULD BENEFIT FROM ITS FUNDS: The solution I am thinking of on this is quite simple: SSS executives should reduce their salaries and allowances, especially since these amount to millions on a monthly basis, so that it can raise sufficient money to be used as salaries for new lower-level employees who will be recruited and then assigned to assist SSS members more expeditiously.

If the SSS is able to generate so much money year in and year out, it is not because of the efforts of its executives. The SSS members themselves who regularly contribute to the SSS are the true pillars of the agency. The members, not the executives, should therefore be the beneficiaries of the SSS’ solid financial standing, not the executives.

To those who are interested to get further enlightenment on this issue, you can access my Facebook page, at You can read my initial reaction as to what I was seeing while I was inside the SSS Membership Assistance Center. You can also see the photos I took of the members lining up to be served. I am sure you will also be saddened by what you will read and see.


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