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LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight...” (Proverbs 3:5-6, the Holy Bible).


THE SECRET OF HAVING A BLESSED LIFE IN OLD AGE: For someone like Mr. Ernie Cabigas of Meycauayan, Bulacan, just exactly what is his secret that, even if he is now 85 years of age, he has managed to retain his youthful vigor and strength, his good health, sharp mind, and blessed life, in the company yet of his loving wife and grateful and respectful children?

There is only one, according to him when he spoke at the surprise birthday party which was tendered for him by his wife, Mrs. Nelia Manucot Cabigas, and by their offspring and other relatives, and it is having a strong faith in God, which he has consistently manifested in his dutiful obedience to His command to love others as one loves himself.

All those that were invited and who eagerly attended the surprise party which was held at the Saint Joseph Serenity at Malhacan, Meycauayan, Bulacan last October 28, 2017 happily cheered for Ka Ernie on his answer. The truth was that, everyone present knew that he has proven, beyond reasonable doubt as it were, his true faith in God, and his having helped others particularly according to the standard of “service above self” of Rotary International.


SERVICE TO ALL BENEFITS ALL: Ka Ernie (that is how I call him) served as a mayor of Meycauayan, Bulacan. During his term of service, he focused all his attention and energy on responding to the needs of the poor and the marginalized. Everyone who sought him out and asked for his help as a mayor were not frustrated, since he made sure that the doors leading to his office, and even to his own home, remained open for anyone.

He did not display favoritism on the people who asked him for help. Whether they were his followers and supporters, or belonged to other political persuasions, all of them received his care and concern as the local chief executive. And in the entirety of his tenure, no wrongdoing of any sort was reported, nor was he ever made the subject of any complaint for any anomalous transaction. All agreed that Ka Ernie was as clean as he could be.

And then, if the truth be told, his providing assistance to others did not end in politics. He continued to help everyone who came to him for assistance, more so when he became a member of Rotary International (in its Rotary Club of Meycauayan East, under District 3790 which encompasses Central Luzon and the Ilocandia Region). His zealousness in helping the poor and the marginalized was recognized by his fellow Rotarians, who elected him their president.


HAPPY 85TH BIRTHDAY, MR. ERNIE CABIGAS: As a businessman, even Rotary International gave recognition to Ka Ernie’s dedication as a Rotarian. Rotary did this by choosing him as its solo franchise holder for the Philippines, authorizing him to produce and then sell Rotary items, emblems, logos and other materials. He called his company as a Rotary franchisee “Cabman Enterprises”, which is now a by-word among all Rotarians in the country.

“Cabman” is a mixture of his family name, Cabigas, ang the family name of his loving wife, Manucot. This alone attests to his great love for his wife, Mrs. Nelia, who is herself a past president of Rotary (Rotary Club of Meycauayan Jewels). On account of her own diligence and hardworking nature, Ms. Nelia became blind but this did not prevent her from serving others as well.

Ka Ernie emphasizes that it is only God who is the Source of all the blessings he has received in the different areas of his life. And this kind of belief is also manifested by his own siblings, who are still alive, too, although they are much older than him. The lesson in all these? Put God first above everything, and He will grant the desires of one’s heart way beyond expectations. Happy 85th birthday, Ka Ernie Cabigas. It is an honor for me and my wife, Judge Angelina, to have been invited to your party.


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