How to quit smoking for good: DOH gives tips PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 August 2011 14:43


The Department of Health tips on “how to quit smoking for good” to strengthen its smoking cessation program.

DOH regional director Rio Magpantay Pampanga assures smokers it is not easy to quit but it is possible. Withdrawal syndromes last 7-15 days and they are strongest on the seventh day. Relapse occurs when withdrawal syndromes are at their strongest.

The smoker should set a target when to quit. List the date and hold it as sacred. The next step is to dispose all lighters, ashtrays, and other smoking paraphernalia in the house, and in the office or whatever is in his possession.

It is important that the smoker announces his decision to quit. This will prevent smokers to tempt him back to the vice. He should also join a support group of ex-smokers. They will remind him of his commitment to clean-up.

The smell of raw cigarettes and second-hand smoke triggers cravings. Avoiding smoking areas may be best for the quitter. When cravings start, the smoking quitter should have alternative pre-occupation like eating candy, a fruit, or drinking juice. He may also read the newspaper, a book, or a magazine, watch TV or listen to the radio.