SQUARE POINT: God forbids! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 August 2011 14:51

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Inflicting physical pains or injuries to children or minors is a form of child abuse which is punishable by law. Relevantly teachers are cautioned to refrain from punishing their students for whatever misdeed or mischief committed or the common halfhearted learning attitude in the classroom.

Recently it was reported that the Anti-Corporal Punishment to Children Law has been passed in Congress. It means that the protection of children against abuses or cruelty is toughened or fortified.

Based on news reports as well as our observations, there are many incidents where children became the victims of maltreatment or brutality. It’s the harshness of wickedness and evil to take advantage of the innocence and helplessness of minors. We agree with you on that particular point.

However, while we appreciate the staunch efforts exerted to protect the rights of children, we should also take a look on the other side of the coin.

It’s of common knowledge that the children of today are more aggressive and daring than those of yesteryears, say, some 50 years ago. In the past, very few would dare to argue with their parents over family matters, to contradict the teacher’s decision, antagonize any person in authority or defy government laws. But nowadays, it’s common to see in newspapers and listen to news reports about minors involved in killings, street fights, thieveries, rapes, using and peddling illegal drugs, etc., aside from vandalism, public scandal and riots during protest action in the streets.

With all the alluring amenities brought about by progress and the doctrine of liberated lifestyle from the western world, the young ones of the new generation might be reared unsuitably in the absence of a stern discipline. And they belong to a third world country.

In the performance of their duties and functions, the law enforcers sometimes would grumble in frustration for they can’t enforce the law totally because the perpetrator is a minor.

A point to ponder— in our community we have a lot of children of broken families. Many of us show our concern to protect their rights.

But what about their personalities? Their character as individuals? The core values that must be developed in them? Let them grow up as offsprings of “askal” or “pusakal” without lifting a finger of discipline?

Many years ago, the blaze of discipline burned in almost every Fllipino household, yet today we have all these liars, cheaters and corrupt officials demolishing the fundamental structures of our government, What more can we expect if our children will grow up without the benefit of discipline?

God forbids!