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Friday, 26 August 2011 14:52


State workers have already been admonished and correspondingly reprimanded and so with those working in private offices in their indulgence, or, superindulgence on yes, Facebook!
One does not have to ask why.

Conventional wisdom dictates that if one is on office time, therefore, his/her time is absolute, absolutely devoted to office time to which he or she’s being paid for by employers with all of his/her talent and every juice in him/her.

Employers expect no less than quality time/work from employees the moment they step into the doors of their offices.

With the emergence of Zuckerman’s Facebook, however, the playing field has somewhat changed.

Yup, that’s for better and, for worse.
Employees now tend to tend or check on their Facebook accounts whenever “ma’am” or “sir”
is not looking or away attending a power meeting or having coffee.

Oh, how we wish it will take them long; the whole day in fact.
And now this seems to be the much-awaited moment among corporate and government employees/offices.

First, the good effects of Facebook to employees: they get updated and wired from across the whole wide world; they can chat, share mementos, old and new photos, exchange hellos and hi’s to loved ones both past and present, near/far, etc.

Now, Facebook’s bad effects: it slows the cogwheels of the national economy, it slows down veritable revenues for both private and public companies, it clogs and makes the information highway run painstakingly slow.

Wonder why you’re having difficulty sometimes connecting into the net from a broadband or any other connection? Yup, millions of us Facebook addicts, could be deep at work, wired to the hilt, online, devoid of the things around us.

Imagine millions, if not billions of people in there doing whatever they may fancy on their respective accounts? Some for good and some for bad.

It’s really good Facebook and all other digital gadgetry shrunk the world real small, in fact down, to our fingertips. Social network sites also invaded private lives that is why, Facebook is accordingly redefining its rules on privacy.

Good thing, actually, is the fact that Facebook bridged us to an unabridged array of choices but oftentimes, the animal instint in each and everyone of us oftentimes kicks in and overwhelms us and the problem sets in before we know it.

People almost always tend to check on the lives of their contemporaries; classmates, ex-flames, high school and college classmates. Then we “befriend” them, poke them, chat, send SMS, exchange photos, cell phone numbers, etc. and soon, get connected out of it and into the more handy mobile phones.

Instantly, you are now face to face with people you have been missing and pinning to meet in decades if not centuries. Beso dito, beso dun. Beso-beso. Reunions dito reunions doon.
Nothing wrong with it.

And, as we said, some of these get translated into business opportunities, closer or renewed family ties and some reignites/rekindles forbidden relationships, that are supposed to be better left forgotten/buried.

Control is the name of the game.
Unfortunately, some are not blessed with it (personal control) and so families, marriages, relationships once tranquil and peaceful now spin out of control: forever wrecked, courtesy of Zuckerman’s Facebook.

Control, control, control. We all need a lot of it if and when we cannot just live without.
A  lot of  “almost perfect marriages” are now in shambles, forever shattered because of the power of...let’s face it, Facebook.

Let’s save marriages, let’s save our jobs, let’s save on electricity, let’s save our lives, and above all else, let’s control our usage on our neolectro-gadgets otherwise, they’ll end up controlling us. — Email: esns03@yahoo.com/Mobile: 0915-5517486