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Thursday, 09 November 2017 12:14



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Bless those who curse you; bless and do not curse...” (Romans 12:14, the Holy Bible).


MARENG WINNIE’S CRITIQUE OF ASEAN 2017 IS WAY OUT OF ORDER: In the Philippines, it is a fact of life that when you are in the political opposition, there is no longer anything good that the administration is capable of doing. This was my thought while I was listening to a radio interview on Tuesday, November 07, 2017, of my “Economics 11” professor in UP Diliman almost four decades ago, Professor Solita “Winnie” Monsod. In that interview, she lambasted to the hilt the ASEAN Summit 2017.

According to Prof. Monsod (who is now widely known as Mareng Winnie), no good is going to come to the Philippines in its hosting of the 5oth annual meeting of the ASEAN (or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations). The reason, according to her, is that, ASEAN is merely a social club of its member-countries, and it has not really done anything for the benefit of any of its members since it was put up 50 years ago.

Well, I can understand where Mareng Winnie was coming from in her criticisms of ASEAN 2017 in the Philippines. She is after all a member of the opposition which is against President Duterte at all cost. The truth, however, is that, that critique of hers against the ASEAN is way out of order since, in the latter part of her radio interview, she admitted that the meeting of ASEAN leaders in the country somehow brings a truly big benefit not only to the Philippines but to the world as well.


ASEAN 2017: FORESTALLING OR STALLING THE NUCLEAR WAR: I nearly fell of my seat in my car as I listened to that interview of Mareng Winnie, prompting me to mumble, wait a minute, Mareng Winnie, which is which, really—is ASEAN 2017 going to be beneficial to the Philippines or not? I had to ask that question in my mind because, in her first salvo during the interview, she was categorical in insisting that there is no benefit that the ASEAN will give because it is a mere social club.

Later in the interview, however, on the insistent questioning of two veteran broadcasters who were talking on air to her—former Agham Party List Rep. Angelo Palmones and Rotary Club of Manila Broadcast Journalist of the Year Milky Rigona in the program “Damdaming Bayan” over DZRH, 666 kHz—Mareng Winnie all of a sudden made a turn-around by saying that, on account of the ASEAN meeting, the threat of a deadly war in the world will be lessened or altogether avoided.

Wow! So, that was the truth! In this world of ours where the threat of a nuclear warfare is ever present, putting in question the very survival of this world, it is a very good thing that the leaders of the world which have nuclear weapons are meeting in the Philippines because of ASEAN 2017, compelling them to talk and confer with one another civilly, instead of raining down nuclear warheads on one another. Is this not a great benefit, Professor Solita?


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