We need not agree on all things PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 November 2017 12:16

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

The  world population  is estimated by the UN at 7.6 billion for 2017. If we assume that a third of this is made up of adults 40 years or older, people who are involved in the political life of their respective countries, the number comes to about 2.5 billion. That is a lot of people.  In the same vein we can assume for discussion that the population of the Philippines is 100  million so this cohort of people is about 33 million.

Anyone anchored in reality must admit that these 33 million people cannot possibly be in agreement all the time about any one issue. So it shouldn’t be any surprise if there are Filipinos who are DDS  ( Duterte Diehard Supporters) or are the opposite. So why are people fulminating in the mouth about each other?

If some people find PRRD as the avenging angel chosen by  heaven to clean up Philippine society those who are not of the DDS should let things be… the DDS tribe should be allowed their own fanciful ideas. The flip side of the coin is that those who are not taken in by the posturing and the braggadocio should be allowed  their opinions. How does the statement go?  “I do not agree with your opinion but I respect your right to hold on to it.” If we can say something like this and mean it then there is no need to be nasty. This is the wisdom of the freedom of expression.

But there are so many who have yet to acquire this wisdom. They have access to Internet platforms or other media outlets and  there the  nastiness is allowed to come out as they fulminate against those who do not agree with them.  And the sad part is that some are paid salaries from the taxes paid by those they attack.

I cannot explain to myself how this recently appointed spokesperson of PRRD had the temerity to say that he will not use profanities like his boss does but that he will shout instead. Or that instead of throwing stones he will throw hollow blocks. Also, those who envy him his new position can just go and die of envy. Really now. And this is a human rights lawyer in his previous reincarnation? Where does PRRD find the people who make up his communications office? How big were the rocks he had to turn to find them?

I read  at  one time that Filipinos were advised not to take the words of PRRD literally. Unless he has a special dictionary I cannot help but interpret his thoughts from the words he utters. Perhaps he should enroll in Communications 101 or something similar.