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Thursday, 16 November 2017 11:59



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Blessed are all who take refuge in him…” (Psalm 2:12, the Holy Bible).


DUTERTE CRITICS BELITTLING RP GAINS FROM ASEAN 2017: Really, it has become very difficult to please Filipinos nowadays, especially those who think they know everything. Imagine, even if the recently-concluded ASEAN 2017 paved the way for achieving a truly peaceful Philippines, Asia, and the world, critics of the Duterte government are nevertheless having a field day heaping insults on the President, even on the most mundane and trivial matters about the event.

Among these criticisms, which bordered on the inane, centered on the clinking of the wine glasses of President Duterte and US President Trump during the toast for the 50th gala dinner for the ASEAN, or on the alleged lack of warmth in the handshakes of the President with the other guests at the gala dinner, or on the supposed lack of immediate economic return for the billions that the Philippines spent for the affair.

What the critics are not saying though is that, the greatest benefit that the Philippines and all Filipinos received from ASEAN 2017 is the opportunity given to our President to shake the hands of different world leaders, particularly those from the US and China. This has given us the chance to discuss whatever problems we may have with the countries whose leaders came for ASEAN 2017 in a friendly and civil manner, without the need of resorting to unnecessary violence to find solutions.


MARMANY FILIPINOS NOW LOVE MONEY MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE: The problem with many of our countrymen now, whether  of the learned ones or of those pretending to be learned, is simple: they now judge everything solely on the basis of the money they will acquire for themselves. If they will make money, that would be beneficial for them. If there is no money, even if there are more beneficial yet intangible benefits, they would not want to recognize the result as a blessing.

This arises from the unique mentality of many Filipinos at present. It can no longer be denied that many of our people have already reached the point of loving or likening nothing else but money, and things that would given them personal satisfaction. Nobody minds the welfare of their fellowmen any longer, and man has strayed away from God quite irretrievably.

As long as there is money in something, everything will be already be okay for them, even if this would mean personal prejudice or destruction of others. We can see this in the way many have embraced corruption, whether in government or in the private sector, and in the way people are willing to do even the most despicable or heinous acts, like using or peddling shabu or other illegal drugs, or killing others for a living.


GOD IS THE ONLY REFUGE IN OUR SINFUL WORLD: This is the reason why our nation is suffering from the curses that God said He will shower upon those who no longer listen to, nor obey, His commands. There is a warning that as the world nears its end, people will leave the faith and will instead follow deceptive commands and the teachings of the devil.

It was also prophesied that during the end time, many will become sinful, disrespectful towards their parents, lovers of themselves only, and will have no respect of God and of their elders, loves of pleasure, incapable of being satisfied, at are no longer disposed to obeying their rulers or leaders. The world will be in great discord, and this is all because we have turned our backs on God.

With this tragedy concededly happening all around us now, everyone and everything would be in great peril and danger. There is no one we can go to for help, no man will be able, or will want, to help us. The only refuge we will ever have is God, but He will care for us, or be our refuge, only if we listen to His word, and obey His commands.


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