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Saturday, 25 November 2017 15:08



I AM referring to the things that happen at the end of our earthly life. They are referred to as the Last Things: death, then  after death, judgment which would determine whether we go to hell or to heaven, with purgatory as a temporary state of purification before one enters heaven.

With the end of the liturgical year with the celebration of the Solemnity of Christ the King, as well as the forthcoming end of the calendar year, it’s good to be reminded that we have the duty to  end things well, whatever they may be.

This ideal can be attained if we ground this value of ending well on God. Of him, St. Paul once said: “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Phil 1,6)

Make no mistake about it. Everything that is meant by “ending well” is derived from God and referred to him who is the Alpha and the Omega. Outside of him, nothing begins nor ends well.

And the consideration of the Last Things can help us a lot  in this task. Far from giving us a dark vision of things, theconsideration of the Last Things will actually enlighten us with respect to the real purpose of our life. It will give us a positive, constructive push in our earthly affairs.

It gives us a complete picture of our life and provides us with the meaning and direction to any situation that we may find ourselves in, whether they are humanly speaking good or bad.

In other words, the consideration of the Last Things gives us the proper perspective within which we have to see and understand every event and development in our life. It should give us a great sense of confidence, peace and joy.

We should not be afraid to make this consideration, since it does nothing but to make us very realistic about our whole life. As long as we continue to make some practical resolutions out the consideration of the Last Things, we will always be on the right path.

The consideration of death, for example, would remind us that we have to make good use of our time, seeing to it that our time here on earth is meant ultimately to make us the image and likeness of God in Christ through the Holy Spirit. We can say that we are making good use of time if whatever we do, no matter how earthly it is, brings us closer to God through love. Otherwise we are wasting time.

The consideration of judgment also makes us aware that we need to be accountable for what God has given us. In practical terms,we should be doing examination of conscience daily, not only to monitor the events of our life but also to plan out our day to make it as productive as possible through love.

The consideration of heaven and hell somehow should make us realize that we should be unwavering in our struggles against the enemies of God and of our soul—namely, our weaknesses, the many temptations around, and the powerful spiritual enemies who will always try their best to separate us from God.

The consideration of the Last Things will sustain our hope amid the trials and difficulties of our earthly life. It enables us to be focused on what is essential, without getting entangled in the non-essentials though these also have a role to play.