Some are more powerful than others PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 27 November 2017 13:42

By Remedios F. Marmoleno

The news lately in our world have been the type that focused on how the powerful have intimidated those who are lower in the power ladder. Perhaps those who have been intimidated  may  really have been guilty of one type of wrong actions or another. But the different controversies have simply  underscored  how vulnerable people are when  they sit on the lower rungs of the power ladder.

The Rohingya situation in Myanmar shows that this ethnic group, under that country’s military might, can only save themselves by running away to Bangladesh.  Even the UN is uncertain what will be the long-term outcome for the Rohingya.

In Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has wielded power  as the country’s president for the last 37 years. Reports say that he had been a dictator type of president who led  his country to a collapsed economy.  He booted out his elected vice-president with the intention of putting his wife Grace to the position. The military stepped in and pressured Mugabe to resign. If we learn a lesson from this it is that no matter how powerful someone becomes, nothing is forever. Least of all power.

In the US a courageous woman exposed Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein as a sexist who used his power in the film industry to  manipulate women into unwanted sexual situations with him. That first woman began an avalanche  of accusations from other victims. And the Weinstein expose‘ led to several other big names in  entertainment and  politics whose new theme song could be “And we all fall down”.

In our own country someone who is way on the top rung  of the power ladder made a public speech in which he berated someone with the most shameful use of vile words, profanities and threats to slap this someone should they ever meet face to face. And he hid behind his immunity from suits by saying the target of his attack cannot sue him.

The character of a person is shown when he shows how he treats those who are under his power.  He or she can be most charming and solicitous when relationships are running smoothly and you can read this statement to mean that she/he who wields power is not displeased. However the fangs  come out when he who is on top of the power ladder  is displeased with those way down on the power ladder.  That may be the time when it is good to remember that there is such a thing as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Those who serve the underprivileged of our world should consider that beyond giving so many kilos of rice or other foodstuff there is also the need to have their human rights protected.