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Thursday, 30 November 2017 13:30


IF we have the charity of God, we will always be creative. Not only that. Our capacity to be flexible, adaptable to different persons and situations and yet focused on our true goal—yes, that is,not getting confused and lost along the way—will be practically limitless.

We should do our best to learn this creativity of the charity of God as shown by Christ himself who loved us all the way tooffering his life on the cross. Christ’s creativity, flexibility and adaptability went all the way as to be made like sin without committing sin so we can be the righteousness of God. (cfr. 2 Cor 5,21)

Learning how to be creative with the creativity of God’s charity should be an exciting daily adventure we can have. Everyday we never run out of occasions to be tested by difficulties, disappointments, conflicts, etc., that, if regarded properly from the point of view of our faith, can be the concrete occasions to discover the different possibilities of the creativity of God’s charity.

Let’s hope that we can be quick enough to see these golden opportunities and take advantage of them. This learning of God’s creative charity need not take place in big things. It usually takesplace in the small things—stretching our patience, for example, a little bit more, or exerting an effort to smile and to disregard impertinent situations, or trying to be positive, constructive and encouraging in disappointing moments, etc.

We need to remember that there’s nothing in our life, whether big or small, good or bad, spectacular or ordinary and common that cannot be an occasion to develop this creativity of God’s charity. God’s charity has all the power to convert these things into opportunities of creative love.

To be sure, we will always need the grace of God for this.Thus, we should never forget to ask for that grace in our prayers. Butwe have to do our part of exerting the necessary effort and sacrifices.

Indeed, to learn to be creative with the creativity of God’s love will involve sacrifices, self-denial, letting go of certain things that we have which actually will occasion a tremendous gain for us. Let’s remember that if we are generous with God, God will even be more generous with us.

We need to make plans and strategies of how to discern God’s will and ways of converting the events of our day as opportunities to grow in that creativity of God’s charity. We should be most aware of the importance of this duty.

A day should not pass without trying to decipher God’s will and ways. We have to remember always that nothing actually happens in our life that is purely random, without purpose and without possibilities for love to grow fruitful and creative. Let’s be keenly discerning of these possibilities.

To be able to carry out this duty, we have to meditate closely on the life of Christ, especially the part of his passion, death and resurrection, because it is in Christ’s life that we have the pattern of how to be very creative with the creativity of God’s love.

Christ’s life should be etched vividly in our mind and heart. Thus, we have to spend time studying and reflecting on his words and deeds as recorded in the gospel, summarized systematically in the catechisms, and taught authoritatively by the Church.

We have to find time for this. It’s an investment that pays us back with tremendous spiritual dividends.