Weinstein and his cohorts PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 November 2017 13:31

By Remedios F. Marmoleno

This is one woman’s reaction to the sex scandals in the US that have been in the international news for several weeks now. Perhaps some readers will find the opinions  as  “victim blaming” and the readers are certainly entitled to their opinions.  As I am to mine.

There are three angles to my perspective:  1) the current environment of how we see the role of women in our modern society  2) how power is wielded by men in their relationships with women and 3) the growing assertion of woman power in our time.

If you don’t know who Weinstein in the title is  you may have been too busy to watch the cable news these past several weeks. He is (was? since he has been fired from his own company)  the powerful Hollywood   figure who has been accused  by a number of film stars and starlets for sexual harassment and outright rape. The case has created a firestorm of similar accusations against other powerful men in politics, in the entertainment sector and in business.

Society at large in our modern times has  been influenced to perceive women  as extensions of such “celebrity” women as Marilyn Monroe of the past generation and Kim Kardashian of the present. It is not so much their beauty as their voluptuousness that they have been given the status of icons. If men have put women like Marilyn and Kim on the pedestal there are also dozens of women who would like to be put on the same  pedestal and they cultivate the looks and ways of living as their models. One needs only to see how certain celebrities dress for the “red carpet” events with gowns that leave very little to the imagination. These looks arouse  men to have prurient thoughts.

When men occupy positions that allow them to make decisions over work assignments of women and if these same men have prurient interest in anyone in a dress or a skirt, the situation can readily descend to one of sexual exploitation of the woman. Thank God this generalization cannot be applied to all men but social mores make sexual exploitation and/or harassment  more common.

These things have been going on for generations but the same situations are recently in the spotlight of the media because women have claimed for themselves power that has been denied them. Women are no longer simply willing to keep quiet and suffer in silence.

Certain societies show a more pronounced misogyny than some other societies. As it is with other prejudices, we can correct the situation if only we can accept that all people have been created equal in spite of color, religion, citizenship or gender.