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LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first…” (Revelation 2:19, the Holy Bible).


ATTY. ABIGAIL P. CASTRO ZAPATA OF CALAMBA RTC, SERVING EXCEPTIONALLY: In fairness, dear readers of this column, we cannot deny that there are still a lot of workers in government who are truly exceptional in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities, even if many of their colleagues are wantonly and shamelessly engaged in various wrongdoings or anomalies whenever opportunities to steal and abuse present itself to them.

One such exceptional government worker is lawyer Abigail P. Castro Zapata, the deputy clerk of the Calamba City Regional Trial Court, Office of the Clerk of Court. From what I have seen and experienced, Abigail is greatly worthy of her position, and of  being promoted in her work, or to be installed as a fiscal or prosecutor, or even as a judge or justice in the judiciary.

The reason is that, she has a heart that eagerly responds to people who write to her office to ask for assistance, even if helping others would mean spending her own money in the process. This was what she showed in response to a letter I sent her involving a man who wanted to verify if he had cases with the Calamba City Regional Trial Court.


SERVING THE GOV’T WITH A GOOD HEART AND LOYALTY: To my great amazement, Abigail answered and wrote back to me, and disclosed what she came across with, in her search for the man’s records. She saw that the man has eight criminal cases that are all pending in one branch of the Calamba City Regional Trial Court.

What stumped me more was that, Abigail likewise decided to be the one to shoulder the fees for the required certification fee and other fees necessary so the certification about the man’s cases could be officially released by the Calamba court. I was floored by what she did, because as someone whose help was merely sought, she even went one step further and showed compassion by using her own money to help a complete stranger.

That led me to thinking: if only all government workers, from the President down to the lowliest janitor, would approximate just a little of Abigail’s heart for service, dealing with government with be a lot more pleasant, with graft and corruption being relegated to the background tremendously.


BLESSINGS, GUIDANCE, AND PROTECTION TO THOSE WHO SERVE WELL: I tried to think of a way to thank her. What I did was, I wrote again to her, furnishing copies of this second letter to the Office of the Court Administrator of the Supreme Court, the Office of the Clerk of Court and the Executive Judge of the Calamba City Regional Trial Court. Here are some parts of my letter, translated to English:

“Indeed, we are truly awed and happy that there are still people in government, like you, who remain loyal to the oath of service they took, and who adopted a disposition of selfless giving of assistance to the public without expecting anything in return. May you be blessed all the more, and we are praying to Jesus, our God and Savior, that He will always guide you, bless you, and give you and your family protection.

“While responding to communications from the people is mandated and required by Republic Act 6713, the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Government Employees and Officials, you have raised the bar of public service with your brand of helping others dutifully…”


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