Foolish quest PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 28 August 2011 14:17


The political upheaval in the Middle Eastern and African countries have very significant effects in the countries bedeviled by pan-Islamic and secessionist movements including the Philippines.

There is no denying the fact that the Philippines had been reeling from decades of separatists’ armed struggles which were sponsored by the Organization of Islamic Countries far and near. The enormous support that the secessionist groups are getting from their benefactors are even flaunted to scare the wits out of our leaders. Because we are totally dependent on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries which welds tremendous influence on OIC, the Philippines in fighting the
Muslim-inspired secessionist struggles has been effectively in estoppels for fear of retaliatory supply cutback of the precious oil commodity to run our factories.

But real politik in most of these influential members of the OIC has changed the secessionist posturing and their alliances with the vicious terrorist organizations worldwide. Since the autonomous region of Muslim Mindanao is among the spawning grounds of terrorist Al Qaeda and its clone the Jemaah Islamiyah the transformation that radically altered the political landscape of their patrons had likewise squeezed if not altogether shut the taps of their secessionist and terrorism funds.

The JIs could still carryout low level attacks if only to make their moribund group perceptible. But they no longer can carry out operations that would require sophisticated plot which requires warm bodies and money to pursue. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front had distanced itself from these murderous groups since most of the victims that had suffered from their jihadist missions were in fact Muslims. In terms of death tolls, displacement of families and opportunity lost because of terrorism and internal  strife reveal the statistics that over 80 percent of the victims were in fact Muslims who had nothing to do at all with their aspirations for independent state and crazy adventurism. Many of the victims merely wants to live in peace, engage in honest means of livelihood and education for their children.

Given the scenario in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Tunisia and Somalia to name a few, to plot a secessionist war with the aim of establishing an independent Islamic state is simply not politically viable. To dream of a pan-Islamic nations that will emerge from terrorist agenda is simply a foolish quest.