SQUARE POINT: Black is black PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 28 August 2011 14:24

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Everytime a whistleblower comes out in the open with his blazing revelations, the officials who are allegedly the primary suspects would immediately call for a presscor where they will deny vehemently the accusations, saying that those are baseless, unfounded, malicious lies and innuendoes intended to malign their dignity.

To win the support of as many media people as possible, the presscon is oftentimes embellished with sumptuous dinner and bulky envelopes.

Those who are allegedly involved in the anomalous deals or transactions where the government is defrauded of millions of public funds would swear to high heavens that they’re innocent. They’d even go to church or sponsor a mass to vouch their innocence. Some of them would even shed a few tears before the camera telling that their children are mentally shocked because of the scandal or even their aged parents are suffering from trauma disorder. In other words, they would do everything to convince the people of their supposed innocence. Their acting is as excellent as those best actors and actresses during the Famas Award night.

So as the struggle for truth goes on, the whistleblowers are looked upon as liars. They are nobody, per se. They are mere nuisance in our society. At times, their lives are exposed to danger. That’s why the government came up with the so-called Witness Protection Program and the granting of bounty to star witnesses of celebrated crimes.

Under our laws, all suspects are deemed innocent unless proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in court.
Hence, all corrupt officials who are really involved in scams, scandals and frauds in government are presumed innocent otherwise proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in the Sandigan Bayan Court.

The ticklish question that bothers the minds of the common people is— how to successfully prove that a plunderer before the eyes of the people is also a plunderer in court. Simply means- black is black no matter whose eyes.

How can the whistleblowers, vendors, laborers, hobos and the likes get the pleasure of the court to convict a moneyed, powerful and influential scoundrel who has plundered or squandered the taxpayers’ money?

The people’s point— we have yet to see a top public official be convicted for corruption and thrown in prison.